Friday, July 31, 2009

Love Overwhelming

I could not be more in love. Seriously. Sometimes I just sit and stare...I can't believe he's mine. Most days it doesn't seem real. For years I imagined all sorts of things...laying in bed cuddled close to my baby...taking walks in the park...proudly telling a stranger that he/she was __ months old...watching Ben be a dad...rocking, with baby, in our nursery...

The list goes on and on.

Now, when I do all of those things, I stop and take a moment to remember...As Ty and I cuddled close, today, during a lazy afternoon nap, I remembered all the years of yearning...dreaming...praying. I don't think my tears will ever dry. My heart just overflows thankfulness for this sweet, sweet, little man.

He melts my heart and makes me smile. He's growing so fast and I love every change. His face is full of expression and it cracks me right up. I try to keep camera and video nearby, so that I'll always remember.

His little coos and smiles are thanks enough for all the sleepless nights and showerless days.

Mr. Stripes has become Ty's new best friend. Remember Mr. Stripes? I ashamedly admit, I tested all of Ty's baby gear with Mr. Stripes - sling, wrap, car seat, crib, swing...

I keep him up on the changing table and Ty will just stare and stare at him. It's so cute when they're nose to nose.

He trucks all over the house with us, giving mommy time to eat, brush teeth, and occasionally breathe.

We're dedicating our little buddy to the Lord, this coming Sunday, at church. We believe that baptism is a personal choice, that Ty needs to make on his own, one day, when he can grasp salvation and repentance. So, instead of baptizing, our church does dedications. Ben and I will stand before God, our church family, relatives, and friends promising to raise Ty with godly values and disciplines, that we will raise him in the church, live our lives by example, and verbalize our acknowledgment, publicly, that he belongs to the Lord.

This will be such a special day. Our best friends are also dedicating their baby boy, Parker, and we have many family members coming that will meet Ty for the first time.

We don't need a ceremony to declare all the truths we know...But I think it's a really sweet act of worship, to our Father, thanking him for such a precious gift. We'll take lots of pictures and the share the day with you, too!


  1. Oh baby boy is seriously balding. LOL His hair is starting to look like an old man. I love it. I think Mr. Stripes must look so big to little Ty. Im glad you are enjoying him, but I knew you would. A friend of mine came over with her baby that was born three days before Ty. We got to enjoy our pregnancies together. I just that precious baby for hours and day dreamed about Ty and imagined that she was probably doing the same things he does. It was a very sweet moment for me. I cant wait to hear about Sunday.

    Love to all,

  2. I still look at Aliya everyday like she's brand new!! What an awesome feeling as a mom!

    Congratulations on his dedication! You will remember this Sunday forever!! (we had 22 people at Aliya's dedication!)

    Blessings to your family!

  3. I just love reading your blog, Rebekah! Your heart is just so beautiful :) I read your blog for months before stumbling upon the other Rebekah just before Ty's birth. I'm a pretty new birthmom myself, so I got in contact with her and she's become such a sweet blessing, too... which has made your blog even more special. Ty's story already says so much about our great big God! I hope he grows to see it and you continue to share it. ~Britney

  4. Amen, Sister to everything you said!

    He is so sweet, and I very much love all the new pictures! I can't wait to see our two gorgeous hunks of baby love side by side in a couple of weeks!

    Have a wonderful time at the dedication this Sunday, that is so very sweet and it will be interesting to hear more about the day, and the experience once all is said and done.



  5. Have a wonderful day on Sunday. Try not to cry too hard. I always cry at bb dedications. I can't help it.

    It is so nice to hear that you imagined all of these things with your future baby, I do it all the time and wonder if I'm crazy!

    You go and love that little guy to pieces ok? :D

  6. I love the little plaid outfit! How cute is that!? Enjoy the dedication...

  7. he's beautiful! so blessed!! i think it's wonderful that you are dedicating him too!

  8. Ty probably likes Mr Stripes because he can seem him so well with the contrast of black and white. Keep Mr Stripes close because a baby will get attached to something and love it for so long. How sweet:>

  9. just found your blog from another and it sounds like you have an exciting weekend ahead and very special.

  10. What a special day for you. Relish in all the beautiful things God has in store for your family.

  11. That little man just gets sweeter and sweeter! I love how you dress him too. Such a gorgeous boy. I can't wait to see pictures from his dedication.

  12. he is such a stunning baby! And so happy and well adjusted. You're doing a good job, Mama!

  13. Amazing that you and your best friend can dedicate your baby boys together...extra special!

    I remember when one of my best friends got pregnant, she did not want to tell me because I was going through a tough time. Then when we heard about Kellen, I phoned her first and she said: 'you are going to be a mommy before me!'. Our boys were baptized on the same day too....magical! xx

  14. what a special day for all of you. :) it's amazing how much more love we find once we become a mama, isn't it?! :)

  15. Being a Mom is the best feeling in the world. It truly defines the word "Love"...

    God knew we'd be mommies someday .. and we trusted him. Just look at us now!

  16. I love the first picture in the plaid jumper and the last one where Ty is looking at
    Mr. Stripes. They are all cute. Yesterday was a special day.

  17. loved sharing the day with you guys that little boy

  18. I still have those moments of awe and wonder. Just had one this morning actually. As my daughter gets bigger and more independent I wonder at the fact that she's our to raise and teach. It's an amazing gift that God has given us, being parents.