Monday, July 13, 2009

How Great is Our God

I'm not trying to turn this into a super-spiritual mega blog or a variation of. I hope that no matter where your belief in God lies, you find this blog to be a well of encouragement. A realistic view of open adoption from a girl that once had a very dark heart...hallowed by heartache and anger...that now lives on the mountain of motherhood and can't stop singing praises for her little man. If you only know the highs of my story, please go back and read the's the only way to grasp the full miracle of this precious baby boy.

Yesterday, was our first Sunday back in our home church. Maybe one day I'll be able to stand in church and not cry...but yesterday was not that day. My heart just overflows with thankfulness for our sweet baby boy.

It's not just thankfulness for's everything.

I cannot believe the incredible flood of support we've received from everyone. Our family...friends...this community. All hearts, big and small, were rooting for our son. Our friend's little girl told her, "Mom, someday I want to adopt a little baby just like Ty." I love it! I love that this boy is a walking testimony. I hope that his life does change the lives of others. I hope that people will want to hear his story and that he'll confidently tell it. I hope people will look at him and want to adopt. I hope that people will see him and see Jesus.

The flow of gifts and cards have been unbelievable and many of them from you (FYI: Sarah you'll get a special salute in an upcoming post. We LOVED your gift!) . We've gotten so much mail from people we've connected with, but never met. People standing in celebration with us.

We are humbled beyond words.

About halfway into our journey home, we received a call from our attorney, at the agency. We were still steaming over their lack of professionalism and let the call go to voice mail. The message went something like this, "Hi Ben, this is __________. Now that we're doing the finalization we'll need to have you return the contract I attached in a recent email to you, with payment, before we can proceed. Both items need to be received by the end of the month."

Funny thing. We thought they were doing the finalization the whole time. And the money they need by the end of the month? It's $3,000.00 and we thought we'd have until January to pay it off. The finalization, afterall, doesn't take place until then.

We were too excited to be on our way home to let it ruin our day. After a few days passed we started to stress a little. Even with the help we've received, this adoption has sucked our pockets clear. The little bit of money we had tucked away - and by little bit, I mean $800 - was going to help alleviate the pressure of me taking unpaid leave to be home with Ty.

Someone asked me a few days ago, "Is there anything you guys need?" She was referring to baby items: clothes, bibs, bottles, etc. My head screamed, "YAH. MONEY."

I spent the weekend getting our house settled, wading through the massive pile of mail, and reconciling our bank account. I was shocked to find extra money in our account (partly because we spent way less than saved, while out-of-state) and a few pieces of mail containing cash/checks for our finalization...all were sent anonymously. We were feeling pretty good on Saturday night that we only needed 1000 more dollars for the agency.

After worship, on Sunday, an envelope was handed to us with exactly that. I don't even know if the person knew what we needed or when we needed it by. But God knew. God provided the full $3000 that we needed...and we didn't have to do anything. How great is our God?

I am overwhelmed by the miracle of my son. He is living proof that not only is there a God, but that he is marvelously faithful...even when we're not. I know that God has big things planned for little Tyrus, giving him a story like this.

Yesterday the tears were flowing as we sang Chris Tomlin's, How Great is Our God.

Age to age he stands
Even when I was a crumpled mess on the floor and it felt like I'd been run over by a truck.

And time is in His Hands
He saw me take my first pregnancy test...

Beginning and the End,
He held me as I wept and walked out the door of my last RE visit...

Beginning and the End
His heart paralleled mine as we held Ty for the first time...

How great is our God
Of the thousands of blogs out there, God used a longtime web friend of Rebekah's, whose real life friend told her about my blog, to connect us to our son...

Sing with me, How great is our God
He took care of every detail...weaving our story before it ever began...

And all will see how our God.

Just as the rainbow reminds us of God's promise, I will forever look at Ty and remember His greatness.


  1. This post only leaves me with smiles.....not pain, not anguish, just love. God is good all the time, in our pain he is good, in our sadness, he is good.


  2. God is truly great. And His ultimate greatness is displayed in the most amazing of ways. He meets our needs, and He creates these amazing people, people who pray, people who give and people who are present.

    I love that song, especially the "Age to age He stands, and time is in HIS Hands..." part.

    Love and blessings to you!!

  3. You realise I'll now never be able to sing that song without thinking of you guys...

  4. Your story gives me great hope. I too look to our faith to get through this journey. The journey that has provided us such pain and heartache and hopefully someday joy! What a miracle and you are right--Our God is great.


  5. Our second adoption was a surprise opportunity. The day after we decided that this was the path that we were to take, we received an unexpected check in the mail. It just happened to be the same about as needed to start the home study.

    Just as God adopts us as His children, I believe he smiles on the love involved in adoption.

  6. I cannot read this blog without crying tears of joy with you!

    He truly is a great God and I'm not the least bit shocked that He provided all the money you needed for the finalization! He cares for all of us so deeply and is looking over little Ty!

  7. beautiful post rebekah, and my faith has increased in reading your story.

  8. God is so good, taking care of every need. I am so glad Ty has a mommy and first mom that will always tell of God's greatness and goodness surrounding his birth.

  9. God is so faithful! What a beautiful eyes always water when I read your stories. Although I don't know you personally I love your heart.

    I am confident that Ty will be able to lead many to Christ. He has amazing parents who glorify Christ in every occassion.

  10. We've had a lot of the same experiences. We had saved $4000 for my unpaid leave I had to take and we've never had to touch it. The money came to us somehow...YES GOD IS SO GOOD!

  11. Any doubts, any questions I have ever felt about God because of our dark journey- your story pushes those doubts and dark clouds away- Its impossible to not feel His blessings when one hears of your story.
    You are truly blessed. And that little boy is so sweet and cute.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  12. Wow....another AWESOME post! I don't know how people can look at a babies and still question if there is a GOD! GOD is the same yesterday,today and FOREVER!!! Praise his AMAZING name!!:) Prayers from Ohio! Mollie

  13. That was such and awesome blog. That was so cool how god works and helps. Your stories and trimphs always give me hope in my life and put a smile in my day. Thank you for that.

  14. I think for some reason hearing how God provides...especially finanicially...inspires me...I am truly beginning to panic about the costs of our adoption...I can't find a job fast enough and times are changing and its all so ... scary...your story ( all of it) but espeically today's financial story is incredibly inspiring...thank you for sharing " How great is our God"!

  15. "and God provided the full ____ that we needed, and we didn't have to do anything"

    What a great reminder...that seems how He loves to work best. Oh, to trust Him more.

    Hope you are doing well...miss you lots! Can't wait to hear more updates!

  16. just love...that is so true...just are such a brave woman xx

    Tomorrow, a year back, we met our son for the first time...tomorrow a year ago...this little boy bowled us over with his beautiful eyes...tomorrow...a year ago...God followed through on His promise to us...we met our son!

    God is great!!! xx

  17. AHHHHHHHH-mazing. That song makes me cry every time too. It applies to everything. We sang it at our wedding and my heart soared b/c God was SO GREAT to give me my husband. Now, I sing it and think immediately of Declan. Ahh! What an amazing God we serve.

  18. Encouragement on a day when I really needed it. Thank you so much. God is good all the time!

  19. So true. God can use any circumstance, especially the unexpected ones, to show us how perfect and all knowing He is. I know he's done it for me!

  20. I am so blessed by your blog. We began our journey in March and will be finalized/approved by August 1 (God-willing!). Your story fills me with such hope, and I am so glad God helped me find your blog. Enjoy your time with Ty and I will stand with you in praising God!


  21. Another beautiful post that so deeply touches my heart!! I love what you wrote about the lyrics to the's so special when they speak to us and we can parallel them with things we went/are going through. And praise God about the financial situation!! He is such an amazing God, huh?! :)

    Oh, and not sure if I'm the Sarah you're referencing about the gift...but if so, I'm glad you liked it! :)

  22. wow.....God is amazing and this is one of the best journey's I have ever are blessed, Ty is blessed...and ever so deserving...

    m :)

  23. God is good!! He gives us joys beyond words when we don't even deserve it and He gives us our precious miracles we call children when we least expect it. His timing is always perfect no matter how impatient we are.!!
    Praise God for providing for you guys!!

  24. Awesome post. Love it. Glad you are home and everything is well.

    God is SO Good!

  25. so so true! i say that all the time! he made something beautiful out of our sufferings!

  26. I agree........after everything I went two children are such a testiment of who God is, what God can do, how mighty He is!! They are a daily reflection of his love and caring for me through every painful moment of IF!!!

  27. All I can say to this is WOW! Love the song by Chris Tomlin...sing it in my head all the time when I want to feel that extra closeness with God. Your adoption story is amazing & awesome, and has God written all over it. God knows what we need and the desires of hearts. His plans are greater than anything we could every put together for ourselves. Ty is such a cutie, and I am so very happy for your family.

  28. There is no explanation for this. Just God.

  29. Just checking in for the first time in a while (haven't been blogging myself much lately) and find this BEAUTIFUL new family and new little blessing!!! Congrats! Our God is Great!!!

  30. God is good, that's for sure! So happy to hear your story and the happy ending. Stories like this just help to strengthen my faith in God. Hope you are enjoying your precious blessing, he is adorable!

  31. I started reading just a few weeks before Ty was born and immediately went back to the beginning to catch up. Your story has made me weep in sadness and rejoice again right along with you! Thanks for sharing your pain, your victories, and your rejoicing with a stranger!

  32. Rebekah and Ben,

    I am a web friend of Kriss and came to your blog via her. I have not read an entry in the last month without tears in my eyes. I have recently experienced the protective arm of our Lord and know what an amazing God He is. I love your story, rejoice in your story and Praise God for his hand in it. Love and blessing to you both and especially to your precious darling son; Kristen (from Melbourne, Australia)

  33. Simply beautiful! Praise God for the financial blessings right when you needed them.

    Great pictures. So creative. He's adorable. But then you know that already. :-)

  34. That is the same song we sang and prayed through the night before we met our daughter's birth parents. She knows it is "her" song!!!!

    Praise God for His constant provision!