Saturday, March 3, 2012


For those that asked, Michigan does have a transition period for adopting children in foster care. Homecoming for Little Boy was expedited because his foster mom is going out of town on Wednesday, for several days, and was going to leave Little Boy in respite care. Our case worker advocated for us and requested that Little Boy come home with us instead of moving from foster home to respite care to foster home to our home.

Our caseworker is unclear, now, if the supervising case worker will grant the request (I'm not sure of the specifics; we meet with our case worker tomorrow after church).

As much as I would LOVE to bring Little Boy home on Tuesday, I am preparing myself for an extended transition time. Our house and hearts are ready, now, but extended time would help both Ben and me settle things at work before taking some time off to bond with our new family.

We will know the homecoming date on Monday!

In the mean time, we are loving on Ty and enjoying our final days as a family of three.


  1. Twists, turns and bumps in the road. Sounds about right.
    Praying it all gets worked out and that the supervising case worker sees the logic in moving him right to you. He's little and all that moving could get very confusing and scary for him.

  2. Prayers that little boy is soon in his forever home with you guys and that the transition is smooth and filled with joy for all involved.

  3. So exciting! Are there any therapists working on his case? If so, see if they will advocate for him to just go to your home (and I'm assuming that would mean, and you would be ok with, him seeing his foster mom when she gets back, too, so that she doesn't just disappear). We always recommend a transition period, but in situations like this, that just doesn't make sense. Either way, he's almost home!!! YAY!!!