Thursday, March 1, 2012

I need your help!

Okay, so this is a really crazy week in the Pinchback household! Amidst the exciting activity swirling around the new addition to our family, Ben launched an equally exciting venture, today. He and his buddy designed a strategic card game that got picked up by Gryphon Games last summer. The prototypes were mailed to test players and the reviews are good! The last step before publishing is a pre-order blitz that started, today.

You can pre-order his game, here, for $20 (including shipping):

We're $600 in pre-orders away from being completely funded (in only 9 hours!) The really exciting part is that only 10% of those sales are from people we know!

I can't tell you how proud I am of Ben for doing what others only dream of...

I'm a little jealous that he's going to be "published" before me, but he deserves the fanfare. He has been working on this project for about a year.

If you like me - and strategy - and sweet nautical art, show Ben your support. You won't be disappointed!


  1. So proud of those boys, as only a momma can be :0)

  2. We are big card game players here at our house, I have my hubby checking it out! I know he'll preorder :) That's so exciting!! Congrats to Ben and his friend!!

  3. Done! Can't wait to get it!