Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 64

A Weekend of Beautifuls

A beautiful garden. We ate the first fruit [veggies] of our labor, this weekend! We had lettuce from the garden, green beans, and sugar snap peas. We're going to have a great summer ahead, just look at all those green beans!

A beautiful rocker from my crazy beautiful sister and mama. Rachael saw my rocker-search post a few weeks ago and wanted to be the one to give it to me. While I was looking through Salvation Armys for old rockers and perusing Craigslist posts, they went out and splurged on the Cadillac of rockers! It rocks and swivels both ways and has a matching ottoman on the way. Last night and this morning I spent time rocking...dreaming and imaging of all life's possibility. I can't wait to get started on the room!

Beautiful friends. My forever friend Laura with her Maddy (and hubby) came to enjoy the fireworks with us this weekend. Listening to a two year old narrate the display of fireworks is enough to make anyone's weekend!

Beautiful family. A family of girls! Poor Andrew (little brother). From left to right: Gabrielle, Rachael (holding Nya Grace), Me, and the Queen Mum (although she TOTALLY looks like an older sister!)

A beautiful romance. Just looking at the guy melts my heart. All weekend my sister kept saying she won the baby lottery. Turns out Nya Grace is a complete angel who doesn't even own a set of lungs. I kept thinking, "You may have won the baby lottery, but hands-down, I won the husband lottery." They don't come any better than, Ben.


  1. Looks like a great weekend. I love the family picture. There is no mistaking that you are all related. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. They certainly don't come better than Ben...out of all the Ben's...he is the best. ALTHOUGH, of course you aren't married to a THAT is winning the husband lottery!
    Love the rocker and love Rach and Mom's idea to gift that to you. I was able to buy a rocker for Pauls was such an honor to give that gift!

  3. Yeah for fabulous weekends! (and people).

    I can't believe you're already eating the fruits of your labor. Our beans haven't even started budding and I've got green tomatoes. :o)

  4. We were so blessed to join you for the fireworks...what a BEAUTIFUL night! Madalyn enjoyed the view, the company, and, of course, the special lemonade...

  5. That is a fabulous idea!! Thanks so much for the tips and advice. I really appreciate it.

  6. sisters and moms are the best! it is an honor to hold either or both title and it is wonderful to have them in your life!

    I am so glad they did that for you-it just makes that chair amazingly special!

  7. Hey!!! Thanks for finding my blog. I read every entry you've written today and I feel like our hearts are connected!! This is a journey not everyone can understand, right? I love your new "prayer chair"'s fabulous. The nursery ideas you posted on my last blog sound so cute. Good luck, though, that sounds like serious work!! :) I think I'm going to head over to Sherman Williams tonight to pick out some chocolate brown samples. I'm glad we connected and I'll look forward to keeping up with your journey. :)

  8. Hello!! How are things?? Jason told me he saw you today and had a nice chat with you about your adoption. It is (sometimes) crazy process, but well worth it!! It is awesome knowing God has our special "little one" already and waiting for us. Sometimes it is hard waiting for God's special time, but when that time comes you will be able to hear me screaming sounds of praises to Him!!! =) I so enjoy reading your blog. Keep us intouch.

    *Your sister's baby is beautiful!

  9. love the rocker! Our rocker was the last piece of furniture that we bought to complete the nursery. You'll appreciate having a nice one when you're half asleep feeding the baby in the midle of the night. [grin]

  10. Speaking of beautiful ... Look how beautiful you look with a baby in your arms!!!

    I can't wait til it's YOUR baby!!!
    Praying that it is SOON!!