Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 53

The theme has been decided....Moo la la. Sophisticated Cow it is! I had fun picking out all the fabric for the baby, today! As sad as it is to prepare a gender neutral room, I love celery green, and already had purchased some fabric a few years ago. I'm still not sure how I'll paint, but feast your eyes on the pre-masterpieces below:

In a matter of a few months they will be quilted into a beautiful baby bedroom set...all for $30!!! You can't tell in the picture but all fabrics are perfect for cuddling baby. They are warm flannels and cozy chenille's. I can't wait to get started! If our baby is a girl, shocking hot pink will be the accent with hot pink taffeta curtains. If it's a boy, I'll stick with onyx--less baby more manly. The current guest room below is soon to be baby's room!!!

["soon" is a relative term for a student working toward a Masters with a long baby wait ahead of her!] I'm going to relish every part of the process.

Before Picture.


  1. Dig it! That nursery is going to look great! (Love the cow print...)

  2. It will be beautiful. So excited for you. love ya

  3. I am sure the nursery will be beautiful. You just might need it rather sooner than later...

  4. I love those colors too. The room is going to look great.

  5. I just love that you are doing the exact same thing that I am. How much fun!! I'm loving perusing the baby isles at every store I go into for anything giraffe!

  6. Yea! Love the cow theme! The little cow lovie will fit right in :) So glad for you...making that bedding and praying with every stitch will be therapeutic, no doubt! :)

  7. Hi!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and I am just absolutely fascinated with yours. I am so excited for you and am eager to hear all about your journy.

  8. Oh I wish I could quilt, I know your blanket is going to be fabulous!! I can't wait to see the room completed, I know it will look amazing. I know what you mean about "soon" being a relative term for a student...the art of college is quite time consuming! :)

  9. Two things: 1. Green is my favorite colour. 2. That looks like more than $30 in fabric--though, of course, I can't tell the yardages.

    I can't wait to see the after photo.

    (I can't believe I'm reading your entire blog in a day... I really don't have enough tissue for this.)