Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 52

Who knew that going to the post office mailbox would become such an invigorating part of my life? We officially finished all of our paperwork, exams, and fingerprinting! I dropped our packet in the mail last night! Naturally, I went directly to the post office since their mailbox is distributed more often! [smile]

I got a kick out of the fingerprinting. Ben and I both went yesterday but at different times during the day. Let me set the scene for you. I was fingerprinted by a head-to-toe tattooed man named "Ricco" (no joke) in an older house that was a step above shady, with a sign out front advertising their #1 status in spousal surveillance. Because I'm not one to get fearful [to the point of foolishness sometimes] I got a kick out of the whole thing! Some days I would fit in better with the grunge crowd than others. Yesterday was not that day. I had on a sweet little pink sun dress with a pink cardigan sweater and pearl earrings--a far cry from rocker chic. So, I ask Ricco, "what do these fingerprints prove, anyway?" His answer? "Oh, don't worry about a thing, little miss. They don't catch any of the small stuff: possession, underage drinking, DUI, etc. Only the real hard stuff like murder." I couldn't stifle my laughs. I assured him that I would be "cool" on both accounts! Ricco then proceeded to tell me that if he ever tried adopting a kid he would be vetoed very quickly because of his dicey background and long record [comforting]. As I left, he made sure to hand me a business card just in case I ever need his services in the future!

The entire experience made my day.


  1. WOW!! I'm jealous - I just went to the boring old police station for mine. And there wasn't anything exciting going on even there!

    Such a great story to tell your baby someday!

  2. Congratulations on finishing the paper war. Now you are officially paper pregnant. And the best: you can drink - lots... :-)

  3. That is such a cute story to have to tell to your child one day. I can feel your excitement seeping through your written words. You are in my prayers daily.

    I have your blog on my feed list, but when I am having a blah day I love to come to your blog just to see ya'lls big smiled - like I said...infectious!

  4. I love the way you look at life! How funny! Congrats on no more paperwork.

  5. We went to our local police station. The officer doing our prints asked what they were for, and we told him we were persuing domestic adoption.

    He proceeded to talk our ears off about he and his wife's infertility; how they tried everything, blah, blah, blah. They eventually found a Dr. So-And-So that worked wonders for them after 2 IVF treatments. He actually called his wife on his personal cell to get the good doctor's number for us! We appreciated his enthusiasm, but we were pretty resolute in our adoption decision, so we took the number and were on our way...