Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 42

Ben and I celebrate our 6th anniversary today!!! I can't believe it. Time goes so fast. Six years ago, today, I was standing in the back of a small room, left with only my thoughts and a small flower girl poking out from behind my dress. The bridal party was lined up at a different location in the church. I remember it like was cool and quiet, for some reason the lights were mostly dim, and I prayed, "Lord, thank you for this man. You brought him into my life when I needed him most. Through Ben, you've given me protection and encouragement and family. It has always been just you and me. Today, you're ushering me down the aisle in your grace and we're letting someone else in on the secret. The secret romance. Lord, don't ever let me forget this moment. This day." And he hasn't. I think about our quiet conversation in the moments leading up to the doors opening our future.

We reminisced today, over breakfast. God has been so good. Our marriage is the best, our foundation solid, our love not our own. There's no way we can keep what we've been given to ourselves. It's time to pass on the legacy. How cool that God alone will choose who receives such a gift. My heart overflows.

[Ben's love song to me]
Take my breath away
I waited so long for this day

Today, is the day
That two become one
Today is the day
We ride off in the sun

We've been through so much
We've waited for so long
Now our dream is today
And our life has just begun

So, take my hand and we'll run
And we'll dance together
I don't care where we go
'Cause I'll be with you forever


  1. Congratulations, guys! Happy Anniversary!

  2. HAPPY (belated) ANNIVERSARY! Hope it was happy! Did you wear your dress?? Love you!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    I just noticed your quote by Jana Wolff. I just finished reading her book--I LOVED it. Wow...I feel like she took some of it straight from my head! I am recommending it to every person I know who is adopting, and even some who aren't! :)

  4. Happy belated anniversary! What a beautiful song!!!