Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 37

Okay, new idea for the baby's room. I am now going to line the walls with adoption paperwork; a "clerical" motif if you will. I think I like it.

We had our second class tonight "Adoption Awareness." It's actually supposed to be the first class (before Trans-Racial Families) but I didn't want to wait a month to take them in order, so we did a little flip flop. Tonight's meeting was SO informative, answered all the questions I had, and gave us a really good idea of what the next several months of our lives are going to look like. It's hard to describe what I'm feeling. Excited, of course. Overwhelmed, not really. Surreal, definitely.

In the car, Ben said to me, "It just doesn't feel real. There are so many hoops and roadblocks, it doesn't seem like it will actually happen." I completely agree. Back to what I wrote a couple weeks ago, part of me is preparing for disappointment--it's all I've known in the "baby" department. Nonetheless, we're going to press forward, one step at a time. The only problem, for those that don't know me well, is that my mind (once made up) only has one function: turbo. I am the sort of student who gets assigned homework and immediately wants to go home and do all of it before I go to bed! I'm displaying serious restraint right now in not cracking open "THE" binder that holds all our paperwork and assignments. Before you think me a dedicated blogger, know that I am only issuing restraint because if I were to open the said binder right now I would spend the next 48 hours completing every step in the adoption process, without fail. While that may be uber-efficient, I am not currently able to sacrifice all sleep, food, and other social responsibilities--school, work, Ben, etc. I'll have to wait until the weekend when I can afford the extra indulgence.

Stay tuned, there's definitely lots of information to discuss and decisions we'll need to make in the very near future. Please continue to pray for all parties involved. There are several disheartening and scary pieces to the puzzle, but I'm going to let God handle those, while I gear up for that binder.


  1. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and feelings so eloquently. I will keep you in my prayers that you and Ben will adopt a baby soon. (Please tell Ben that there is at least one member of the competition rooting for ya’ll!)

  2. Thank you for this post. I look forward to hearing about your class.

  3. we know about the disspointment you feel, and it's hard to turn the corner and see some hope.

    But remember, (in the words of our social worker), "There WILL be a baby!!"

  4. Wow. I really relate to the way you think and feel. It is also nice to see that I am not the youngest person ever to embark on this journey! I completely know what you are talking about with expecting disapointment, it is all I know! It will happen, though, it just HAS to!

  5. Hi. I just found you thru Adoption Journey. Found him thru Glenna's blog, which I have been following!
    I am adoptive mom to 2 children....beyond the best things that have every happened to me...outside knowing my saviour and my husband!
    You have a beautiful blog and you are so beautifully sharing you journey. Hope you don't mind my checking in on you!
    Please visit me if you like. I've written our son's story under the adoption category and hope to write my daughter's soon.
    Blessings in your journey to parenthood!

  6. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I hope and pray you don't have to face many disappointments during this journey.

    Ya'll have infectious smiles!