Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 41

Question of the week:
[Asked during my physical this morning from a medical professional]

So did you pick your baby yet?

Um....Well first of all we're not going to the meat market. I didn't say that! ::smile:: I actually smiled politely and explained that once we finished our assigned work we would be waiting for the mom to pick us. I started to take offense, but then quickly reminded myself that I am immersed in this process and that most people know very little about adoption or how it works, and what they do know is based on media projection (not always an accurate view). I did get a smile nonetheless!


  1. Good for you! Your knee-jerk reaction will be anger and frustration, but people generaly don't understand the adoption process. You're officially a member of the "adoption awareness, advocacy and education" society and will be educating well-intentioned people about the realities of adoption for the forseable future. The challenge is to do it with a loving heart and choke down the venom that you want to spit at rude and insensitive questions!

    That comment about "picking out your baby" is a good one. You already have your first entry in your own "favorite questions" list. [grin]

  2. I liked your meat market analogy... my first thought when i read the question was "what is this, a farmers market? "yes, i think i'd like that one over there" I am glad to hear you were able to smile and laugh off the question!

  3. Hi Rebekah. I think you've tapped into something here. There are a lot of people out there that don't understand adoption very well, and even though their intentions are not bad, they come off as ignorant when they try to "make conversation" on the topic. It sounds like you handled this very well, but I'm sure that as we all move through this process, there will be a lot more to come.

    By the way, I am really happy to have found Heart Cries online. I, too, plan to follow you along on this journey.

  4. Ahhhh.... I ust posted a similar blog. It is frustrating to hear such insensitive things, but you said it right- we are immersed, they are not. If I think back a year ago...