Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 56

My weekend task list included cleaning out all the storage closets in the basement (hours of work) so that I could move the furniture and items in the guest bedroom into those that we could start making room for baby. Ben had Friday off and I told him he should get all the "fun" out of his system and prepare for a day of work all day Saturday. Well, he sweet talked his way into going trail riding on Saturday morning, but promised to help upon his return. Sounds fair, right? WRONG. 20 minutes into his ride he hit a root, flew over the handlebars, landed on a rock, and busted his shoulder. 30 minutes later we were sitting in the ER waiting for the verdict. Clavicle. Broken. That's just great, I thought. I'm a compassionate person, I really am, but I have taken my husband to the hospital and ER more times than I can count. Lord, why me? Why my husband? Why on THIS day?

I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but my weekly schedule is jam packed between working full time, attending school part time, doing the books for our Church, and fitting homework in when I can. This weekend was one of those free weekends with no plans and no homework. I LOVE those weekends and do my best to capitalize on my productivity. That being said, you can imagine my disappointment. Just so you don't think I'm completely hard-hearted, I immediately put on my nurse "hat" and have been waiting on my husband hand and foot. The weekend didn't go quite as planned...but when has my life EVER gone according to plan? Needless to say, my husband proved completely useless this weekend, but I still managed to complete half the project! Better luck next weekend!

[And for all those sensitive type, Ben is doing okay. He's hiked up on Vicodin and Tylenol. It's pretty painful for him to move so he's trying his best to remain still. In 2 weeks he should be living relatively comfortable, minus some stiffness. Full recovery won't happen for about 8].


  1. THOSE.ROOTS.ARE.BRUTAL!!! I'm telling you WHAT!! I am just now able to sit without total pain, and then they took out their vengence on Ben! Poor guy...hope he is doing o-kay!

  2. So Sorry to hear about the "crash"... tell Ben we hope he feels better soon.
    as far as you, I COMPLETELY understand how frustrating it is to have your mind set on a project and things go array...way to stay in there and get half done...its a lot better than nothing, right? I know Ben is very lucky to have a "nurse" like you!

  3. Oh, owie!! Poor guy! I hope he's feeling much better soon.

    God likes to remind us sometimes how much we ARE NOT in control of things, doesn't he? Ugh, it can be so frustrating!

  4. i am sorry to hear he broke it! that is not good for anyone! i know what you mean about plans going array and being dissapointed-my son got chicken pox over the weekend-the weekend that was supposed to be my husband's first vacation this summer :(

    BUT it is what it is and we made the best of it. Kobe is doing good too (besides the chicken pox) so that makes it easier.