Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 94

Thank you for all the hugs and encouragment; I'm feeling good today! I'm going to trust God with the details and fall in step with His plan...you may need to remind me of this when the wait gets tough...In the meantime, I'm preparing my heart and home for little babyheart.

For all of my adoption pals (if you haven't already) order a subscription to Adoptive Families. I mean it. Right now. Go to http://www.adoptivefamilies.com/
It's only $24.95 for the year, and after reading my very first issue, I can say it is definitely worth it! I read the thing cover to cover and found every article but one (it was on 2 homosexual moms) helpful!

Check this out. Early Growth and Development Studies did a study that I found interesting and thought you would too! [359 birthmoms and & 114 birthfathers were polled]

When choosing a family to adopt their child, how important was it that...
94% There were educational opportunities for the child
93% They had a close marital relationship
91% They were financially secure
72% They had the type of family the birthmom/father always wanted
51% One of the adoptive parents would stay home with the child
41% They had a nice house
36% There were children in the neighborhood
34% The adoptive family was unable to have biological children
33% They had the type of family birthmom/father grew up in
32% They liked to do activities that birthmom/father would have liked to do
27% They had the same religious background as birthmom/father
17% They had physical characteristics that were similar to the birthmom/father
14% They had a playground or swing set

Our Agency recommend the magazine and said to keep every issue because it's a great resource for every step of the process. I agree! From book recommendations to suggestions on talking to your adopted teenager, the subject matter was fascinating and seemed to cover every topic--in one issue! Can't wait to read next month's!


  1. Rebekah- The issue you are reading from is about the third issue that I have received - and they are all that good. There will always be a few articles that don't really apply to your situation, but they are even interesting. I really enjoyed reading about that study as well and I considered posting it, but was too lazy, so thanks!

  2. The magazine sounds awesome!! I love hearing statistics from studies. Those are pretty interesting.

    I think the rules go something along the line of check out this link, please: http://ibleafnmiracles.blogspot.com/2008/07/and-award-goes-to.html


    Glad to hear that you're doing better. That's awesome news. *BIG HUG*

  3. We also have an subscription for it, but I didn't get much reading done in the last couple of weeks. My bible right now is: What to expect the first 12 months.

    Thanks for sharing that statistic. It is really interesting. I wonder why Lillian's birthmother picked us. But whatever it was, I feel so blessed and grateful to her for the rest of our lives...

  4. Thanks for sharing those numbers. I hadn't seen those, but they are very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation on the magazine, too. I might check that out. You are right (re: your comment on my blog) that it is all so situational. We will probably consider semi-open and see where it goes. Like you said, it can always open up into more if everyone feels like it should. It's so hard to know what's best and you have to put your child first!

  5. Thanks I think I'll order one!

  6. You have been on my mind today. I know how hard it is waiting for a homestudy to be written up. I also know how hard the waiting process for adoption is. I hope you find comfort in knowing that God has the perfect time and place. It's hard to feel it/know it when your in the middle of the "storm" but when all is said and done, you will see his perfect plan all laid out. It's always better than we imagined too. I used to have a hard time excepting that I couldn't conceive (after 6 years of painful trying) but now I have an amazing testiment and I feel so blessed to be "chosen" for such a task. I don't know what the Lord saw in me but I find comfort in knowing he has more faith in me than I had in him, at the time. My motto.... Pray and believe that God hears each and every one of our prayers, praise him in advance for the wonderful blessings he gives and don't be surprized when he answers your prayer. How many times have we said, "I just can't believe it." I have learned to not be surprised anymore because he never fails. Have a great week and know your fellow adoptive mom's are lending at ear. ((hugs)) -Kriss

  7. I'm excited to order a subscription...thanks for the suggestion!

    Waiting is very hard. I know it will be worth it, but still...the waiting is all-consuming. Especially wondering what they're looking for. What will they grab on to when they see you? What will stand out, what will be the reason you become part of their family?

    How awesome that God is such a part of that. I'm praying for you guys, and if you have any insights, let me know!

  8. It's a great magazine!! I agree!! A must have!! I love it!!