Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 78

Another great weekend with a mix of two of my favorite elements: Loving on friends and crossing items off my to-do list!!

We started the weekend at a family friend's birthday party. I had some good quality time with my Eva...or "blue" as Ben coins her ("niece" by way of Meeghan). I am forever bonded to this girl and love her like my own. If you've never heard the story of her rapid entry into this world, it's a must read! Click here to see our story.

Ben spent some time with Eva's big sis, Melia, and I captured a cute moment of them sharing a slurpee...

And yes, that is a bowl on Ben's head. Don't ask. Watching him with the girls warms my heart; he's going to be such a great dad! His capacity to love is amazing and his ability to relate adorable. I can't imagine how any birth mom could pass him up...granted, his profile pics don't include bowls...

The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my girls! Not only are they the best friends any girl could ask for they came over to help finish paining the baby's room!

Meeghan, Rachael, Me, and Laura

I am convinced, that without their help the project would have taken me days! In a few short hours we were able to finish the stripes and the room looks AWESOME! I'm so glad I took the extra time to do the stripes horizontal, the room is so bright and fun...and thanks to the Bulls-Eye it looks like it was painted by professionals! Far better than crossing the stripes off my to-do list was spending time with a few of my favorite people. These girls are just as excited as we are, to bring home baby; my heart overflows with the overwhelming support they provide. Once everyone left, I sat in the quiet of the space, rocking my love into the room. I thought about all the nights I'm going to be awake...all the times I'm going to be up with baby...and how I'll never forget this day...the conversation, the love, the people. God has truly given me fullness of friendships.

Rachael, of course, brought Baby Nya along to help! She's growing fast and melts my heart each time I see her. Interestingly enough, she looks just like me (especially baby pictures). It warms my heart that there's one baby in this world that will look like me! Isn't it funny how God doesn't spare a detail?

By next weekend, I should have a well-started baby's room (I'll be sure to post the progress)! The cowhide rug comes tomorrow; crib and changing station over the weekend. Here's the furniture I picked out:
I absolutely LOVE it. And I love the price even more. Both pieces were only $425.00 at Walmart!! The same pieces are sold at other leading stores for hundreds more! I can't wait to see it all come together! I've decided to change up the theme a little. Moo La La meets ROCKstar is the new theme...and to those nervous nellies it will come together in a fantastic way! I'm in the market for a rock'n black be-jeweled chandelier and I'm currently working on some creative artwork that will help tie in the rockstar theme. Ben really got on board when I approved a fender logo and other gutiar designs! More to come...


  1. Sure love those girls. It was a great time painting with you. So glad I could help. Love the furniture, can't wait to see it all put together.

    Ben is going to be a great dad. Melia just loves her Uncle Ben.

  2. did you do anything with the "rockstar" guitars yet? if so, pics please!!!
    Looks like you guys had fun... I also have had a weekend full of checking things off the list, i love it!

  3. It was such a sweet time on Saturday. I loved seeing Nya in her "rainforest spa", as I've taken to calling that swing :), sharing my heart with you, hanging out with Rach and Meeg...awesome. I'm SO excited to see everything put together! Did you order the crib/changer?? YEA! This is too exciting for words.

  4. This looks great! I love all your creative ideas...the room sounds like a blast, and a place where one very special little baby is going to feel right at home. :)

  5. I can't wait to see the room all put together! YAY!

  6. Love the friends and excited your closer to having the room done! Good for you!

  7. do you have any of your baby pics? it would be cute to see them next to nya

  8. Love the crib! I picked mine out this weekend. Big steps!

  9. I love crib set! So pretty!! I can't wait to see pictures of it all put together!! =) Hope you have a great day!!

  10. wait...did you say Fender? Now you have my attention {grin}

  11. What an amazing story!!

    I love the multi-tasking - friends and paint job. So so great. Any chance we can see a picture of the final product --- stripes fully painted?