Thursday, March 27, 2014


Our case worker visited, today. She couldn't believe the change in Little Miss. It's only been two weeks since she was, here, last. "She's just so happy...I wish (foster mom) could see this..."

(As a matter of fact, foster mom is coming to spend the day with us in two weeks!)

Before bed, I took Little Miss to her room to rock. We turned on Pandora worship to drown out the boys. She laid on my chest for an hour before falling asleep.

She just looked at me, with her chubby hand on my cheek. Cooing along with my singing.

My heart swelled at the progress; at our love.

My baby girl knows she's home...


  1. Isn't it so amazing you have a girl? How much fun you are going to have together.

  2. oh my!! goosebumps!!! Love you xx Lin

  3. YESSS!! Love reading this little tidbit. She totally knows she's "home"...I wish you could post a pic even thoughg I totally get why you can't....just the description of her hand...ohhh so sweet!
    So happy for you...
    Amy W-Chicago

  4. happy sigh over here. wonderful to read.

  5. SO beautiful!!!! I pictured this scene as I read your words and smiled, and then I thought to myself, "Oh, but I can't wait until I can see her sweet little face "in real life". She is probably a million times more precious than I am imagining! :)

  6. Precious! Oh how I can't wait to see your new additions' faces!!!

  7. Wow, I'm gone for a few months and look at everything that has happened LOL! That will teach me! Couple of things: First of all, congratulations on your new littles! 4 littles under the age of 5 is quite the challenge but it sounds as though the day to day routine has fallen into place. And when it doesn't, well, my kids have seen me cry too. It is in those moments that we bond as well, not just those Supermom moments.

    Little Miss...oh how she sound so much like my first son. He was six months when I got him and he had already been through too many homes, too many changes and had too much loss. He absolutely knew what was going on. He still bears the scars on his heart too and I know it shaped his personality quite a bit. And yet the stability and love of family does heal.

    Sweet Boy reminds me so much of my second son, who was 6 when I adopted him. He was so confused and frightened too. My son has a lot of fear and anxiety around bedtime too because of what happened to him at night. After a year of fighting it, trying unsuccessfully to soothe him I finally started giving him Melatonin at night. I keep him up until he is practically falling asleep on his feet and it has made bedtime so much easier for both of us. Night time is just plain hard. Nightmares, confused thoughts, feeling all alone, the quiet and stillness of the house (even with background music or noise), the not knowing the sounds and creaks of the house. If bad things happened to him at night, the fear and uncertainty that may happen again or strange people might come into the house. So much to be afraid of and feel like he is unsafe. I know you said the kids aren't allowed in your bed but maybe sleeping in a sleeping bag or air mattress in your room might help? If other soothing methods don't work, don't feel bad about trying Melatonin. It is a natural supplement and it can help.

    Hoping TPR comes soon so you can truthfully promise Sweet Boy he really is staying forever.

  8. You are just amazing