Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Extra Moms

There are so many dynamics at home to navigate, right now.

A couple days in, LJ was having a hard time understanding why every boy, but him, has an extra mom.

A special person to love and call and remember.

Ty has Rebekah, of course, and talks about her often. One of his favorite gifts is a recorded book that she made him years ago. He loves it so much, he chose to bring it to show and tell both this preschool year and last.

When Sweet Boy talks about his mom, he refers to his foster mom. For Valentine's day, she and her husband made him a recorded book, too. One of the special bonding moments between Ty and Sweet Boy was when they realized they both have other moms to love...and special books.

A couple weeks ago, I found LJ in his room, crying. When I asked him why, he told me he didn't have a special book from a special mom.

Talk about heart ripping.

I don't even remember what I said to make it better.

I called my mom that night and told her we were in desperate need of a recorded book.

She mailed it to LJ the next day.

I know not all the pains will be eased so easily, but, for now, I'm grateful that all three of my boys have recorded books from special people.

LJ carries his around the house like a jewel of great worth. It has a special place on the bookshelf and he takes great care in turning the pages.

I snapped, this shot, the other day of him and Sweet Boy sitting with their books...together.

There may be turmoil, but these are the moments I know God is good.


  1. How sweet.
    Hope you all are getting better, so you can work towards a new "normal".

  2. love reading about your special family. i pray for strength and a little rest. its such an enormous amount of work you are taking on. i know you love your family and i pray the burdens lesson and the moments of light increase.

  3. That's the sweetest thing I ever read in a long time! I actually gulped when I read that LJ carries the book around like a jewel. What a wonderful gift you and your mom gave him. I'm so glad all your boys have special books from special moms. You are such an amazing, caring person.

  4. Oh LJ! You sweet boy!!! So many mommas reading this blog love you!!! XOXOXO

    I'm wiping away the tears. So precious of your mom to do that!

  5. I know you don't need to hear it but Good Job Mama!!!!
    That was the best solution you could do for him in the moment. So special.

  6. I can just see him being so proud of that book.