Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 395

Belly News

Rebekah wasn't quite confident enough to show the whole belly...but I think she looks beautiful. We're 36 weeks, tomorrow! That means only 28 days left...although we're expecting less. Rebekah had her cardiologist appointment, today. She does suffer from a speedy heartbeat, but they won't deal with it until several weeks after the baby is born. For now, neither Rebekah nor the baby are in immediate danger.

We'll get baby stats and more pictures on Friday!

Until then...we're all packed and ready to go! The uber-cute (If-I-do-so-say-myself), blue folder houses all of our maps, directions, addresses, and important phone numbers.

The cradle linens are washed and ready...a moo-cow waititng.

And the house cleaned...and repainted (I've seriously been a crazy woman)...

Oh! And my sweet friend from work (thanks, Kara!) added this gem to baby boy's library. Have you read it? It features an empty pouched kangaroo.... It's a must read!

That's it for now; I'll post again after Friday's appointment!


  1. my husband gave me that book when we were planning to adopt. Still a favorite!!

  2. oh boy you are getting sooooo close now!
    so exciting....haha I LOVE the blue or bust....very cute!
    everything looks great....


  3. Oh my goodness. I love the "baby or bust" folder. You are so creative. Time is short and I am getting SO excited.

    Love you both,

  4. I have to say I totally LOVE you curtains in the dinning area! Very nice! So excited for you and praying for safe travels you & hubby as well as baby boy!

  5. You are too cute...and so organized!! Love the folder!

    Can't wait for the update Friday!!

  6. someone gave us that book right before Isaiah was born. i STILL can't read it without sobbing through the whole thing. hands down--my favorite.

  7. Oh wow!! It's almost time now. I don't know if I would be able to sit if I was so close.

  8. love the new curtains...your organization never ceases to amaze me.

  9. You're all so close!

    I have that book on my list to get...I'll have to order it soon.

    I love the Baby or Bust folder, too -- very cute!

  10. Wow time is flying!!! Love the folder, I think that's just awesome!! And the curtains in your dining room are FABULOUS!!!
    Hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly.

  11. I love your organization and your energy! Can't wait for baby to get here! I haven't seen that book, but now I'm going to look or it. Looks like a good one. There's another one called The Perfect Gift (I think) and it's written by a birthmom. Our agency gave it to us when Dman was born and I still can't read it without crying.

  12. I love the pics, but I do worry about the crib bumpers.

    Not to be a downer, I just want your baby to be as safe as possible!

    I'm getting really excited here, you're going to have a baby soon!

  13. It looks like you guys are ready! I'm so excited for you.

  14. House looks great!
    Cute folder! So organized and prepared!
    We have that book...also from a friend!
    So exciting!!!!

  15. Now, how did you find our same curtains, but in new colors? Are they the same? I'm intrigued ;). Love and miss you like crazy...SOOOOO stinkin' excited. So excited. Just cannot wait for the phone calls to start. Somehow, I think I'll be last to deliver, so it gives me hope to know I'll get to hear about sweet Baby P soon.

  16. Oooh SO close now!! I am getting excited for you and checking for blog updates quite obsessively..;-)

    In case I don't get another chance before you leave, I just wanted to say that I hope it all goes incredibly well for all of you. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, it's been wonderful to "walk" with you every step of the way.

  17. I actually bought this book without knowing what it was about, but once I read it to my son I thought it was such a sweet story!

  18. that ultra organized folder does not even surprise me....almost here how awesome

  19. Rebekah!
    Yeah for you and Ben!!! So pumped and excited for both of you!

    Rebekah is truly such a precious, precious person! I hope and pray that God continues to hold her tightly over the next few weeks, through the delivery, and in the weeks/months following!

    You are so lucky and blessed to have her in your life. God has matched you both perfectly!

    I will be praying especially for Rebekah, that she feels strong, free from pain and/ or complications... and that her heart is protected by our loving Father!
    Hugs.... :)

  20. wow wow wow!

    your folder is SO cute :)

    and to "R" - I wasn't into showing my belly either so I understand :)

  21. How wonderful that you're nearing the end of being just a family of 2!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE the baby or bust book!!!!!

  22. It is getting close! Baby boy is almost ready and definitely strong as can be! I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to hear more!!

  23. Praise God for everything going so smoothly right now. Amazing that your son could be born any day now!!!

  24. So glad to hear things are going great! Love that folder, btw...a girl after my own heart! You are ready, girl! :) I ordered the book you recommended to me and am anxiously awaiting it. We have started the process...check out my blog if you want. Praying for you guys daily! :)


  25. OH! I am so glad you painted and moved your dining room table to it's traditional position! Looks Good...remind me if you want to borrow the GPS!

  26. Love all the pictures...I'm so excited that your time is almost here!!


  27. What a cute book! I'm done..DONE with babies but I want the book anyhow! lol did I mention I'm done with babies?

    I love your blog, I just found I'm catching up.
    Congrats on Tyrus <3