Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 393

Quick Update:

Still holding tight. I flew to Texas, this weekend, to spend some pre-baby time with my family. Before I left, I made sure we were all packed, in case we got the hospital/induce call. Now that things are set at work and home, we just want him to be here!! We're going to spend all our leftover time doing fun, indulgent things :). Ben's been riding his bike a ton, I got a pedicure and have picked up reading again!

While I was in Texas, Ben's friends threw Ben a diaper party. Not sure if other circles of friends do this...but any time a baby is close to birth time, all the guys get together for a diaper party. It's really just an excuse for the boys to get together, but entrance into the party is a pack of diapers. Awesome if you're on the recieving end!

Look at how great our friends are:

This doesn't include diapers that I have already received as gifts or from the baby shower. I don't think we'll be buying diapers for quite some time...

Please continue to pray for Rebekah. Her EKG came back abnormal. It looks like she indeed is having some cardiac issues and not just panic attacks. She meets with a cardiologist on Wednesday. Her amniotic fluid is still good, but her blood pressure continues to be higher than normal (even on blood pressure medication) and she now has protein in her urine (both are pre-eclamptic signs). Baby boy is perfectly healthy, but I'm concerned for Rebekah. The last time I talked to her I could tell she was just wiped out. She said this is about the time that her pregnancies start going downhill, fast. I'm praying God's perfect will for her and her body!

On the agency front, we've continued to have frustrations...but that's another story for another day. The biggest area of concern, right now, is the birth father. A server was sent to serve his termination paperwork, last weekend, and they couldn't find him. They continued the search through the week, but he's completely MIA. It is certainly making things more complicated and isn't helping Rebekah rest easy!

I'll keep you in the loop as we find out more. We're getting close!!!!!



  2. I love that Ben got a diaper party. That is so cool, what great friends he has. I am ready for baby boy to get here to, but I know I will be sad when its all over. Im trying to enjoy every moment I can. Cant WAIT to see you and Ben again and my only ticket to that visit is for baby boy to make his enterance. I hate waiting. LOL

    Glad your home safe.


  3. diaper central! wow! you are all set for awhile! now just pray that baby boy doesn't have the same leaking issues as g-man does over here or those diapers won't last quite as long as you'd hope they would :)

    you are loved.

  4. prayin' for the bio father to be found and that situation resolved asap, for everyone involved.

    have fun and enjoy your last few days without baby responsibilities, and then get ready to also enjoy all the wonderful responsibilities that will come. :) every minute of your wait will be worth it !!!

  5. Oh, gosh, this all brings back memories.

    The diaper party sounds awesome.

    So excited for you! Keeping R in my thoughts!

  6. If they do not find the birth father does that mean things are held up on your end? You must be getting so excited to finally meet your son.

  7. Can't wait to meet that baby boy. I am anticipating the call with each passing day. I wake up thinking...I wonder if we will get a call today??? Thanks for hanging with me today...gotta love a pedicure :)

  8. I'll be praying for Rebekah's health!

    It looks like Ben's friends are experienced with this baby stuff since they didn't all bring newborn size diapers! Those will definitely be useful. Awesome.

  9. Wow, what great friends! It is so nice to not have to buy diapers at first!

    I will continue to pray for all of you!

  10. Awesome diaper haul...that's great!! The time is indeed drawing near, I can't believe you will be holding your baby boy in only a few more weeks!!

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers!



  11. He will be here before you know it!! I don't know how things work with the interstate adoption but, I pray that bdad is found and that he signs. We brought our daughter home on legal risk b/c bdad had not signed. It was very difficult for me to wait that out! Praying that does not happen for you!

    So excited to see you holding that baby.........can't wait!!
    hugs and blessings!!

  12. What part of Texas? I am in Fort Worth. -K

  13. I'm glad that you're taking time out to read and rest. I'm still hear following along and praying for all of you. Also, I might add, I'm getting very excited.

  14. Rebekah, please e-mail me. I'd like to share with you our experience with our son's birthfather. Similar situation, just don't want to share details in a public forum. flutterby417 at yahoo dot com is my e-mail. Lots of prayers!

  15. thinking of you and praying for everyone's safety....and hoping that the birthfather comes forward to sign the papers. what is the termination period after the baby is born for the birthfather? it seems if he's mia now, he's not really interested in dealing with it?? maybe he'll just stay mia for a while??

  16. Only 30 days (maybe lesss) to go!!!

    I'll be praying for Rebekah and also that the birth father will turn up!!



  17. Thats a lot of diapers! They even did good on the sizes, too!

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers

  18. i keep checking in on you because any day baby boy could make his appearance and i don't want to miss the excitement!!!!

    i'm thinkin'/prayin' for all of you :)

  19. obviously no baby experience yet. thaat amount of diapers will last a few months and thats it.