Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 178

My friend sent me a link to this article, "What NOT to say to a pre-adoptive parent":
Click Here for the Article

I know it's something all of us, adopting, can relate to! I find Kathy's story inspiring and encouraging. She's also here in bloggy world, if you want to check her out: Bring Anya Home.

While I'm sending you all over town, in your reading, please go give some love to a new friend: Pear Dream.

I've been meaning to send everyone over there for awhile, but still haven't! She is at a crossroads right now and deciding how to move forward (continue infertility treatments vs. moving on to adoption). So far, I'm the only one commenting on her blogs and I'd love to share my bloggy friends with her. Check out her story!


  1. Hi Rebkah - thanks for the love on your blog! One of the great blessings from this adoption process has been the incredible people I've met (online).

    It's funny when I posted that story, I had no idea how far-reaching it would be. I've rec'd a TON of comments! I think the next story might be 'how to answer those stupid questions' - would love to have you chime in!


  2. Thats a great article...peopel just don;t think sometimes.

    two boys added to the mix would be fun (one of yours and one of ours - he will need someone other than girls to play with :)

  3. Wow. That is a great article and a heart-wrenching story. I cannot believe the things people say sometimes. I wonder if they just don't have filters on or what.

    Happy FRIDAY!!!

  4. That was a great article. Thanks for sharing. It's hard to believe what people say sometimes.

    As always, thanks for the supportive comments on my blog!

  5. caught me in my Pre-Monday post! See mention of nausea...I'm not rolling out of bed these days until quite late...I wanted it to be posted early, what can I say?! :) These evening hours are my good ones...I've got to use 'em!

    Hey, I'm feeling crafty...we need a sewing day!

    Love you!

  6. People say crazy things. I love when people ask if they are all mine. My wife's blog is

    All 10 of our children adopted and biological are in the header. You tell me why anyone would continue to ask me that question.

    By the way ... as an adoptive parent of older children, if anyone does ask you if they are all yours, the correct answer is yes. To answer any other way is to classify the kids (at least that is how they look at it)