Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 3

Who knew a little hope could bring me back to the land of the living? I feel like a new woman with a fresh lease on life! As I perused the bookstore today I [naturally] wandered over to the adoption section and fingered through my choices like a starved animal in search of food. I left Borders with Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother and Loved by Choice: True Stories that Celebrate Adoption (Chosen by the beautiful cover alone!). I sat in my car holding my books like gold. I felt like any first-time mother would. While others might caress their bellies or flush their cheeks with that inner-mommy glow, I dream and imagine an array of babies...and which one will have me. We aren't so different, them and me...we're both expecting...theirs more defined...but both ordained. My mind cannot contain the possibilities. I'm sure every mother feels this way, but I cannot imagine a baby being loved more.

Excuse me while I get some reading in...We meet for our first consultation next Friday, May 9th. If you think of any questions we should ask, feel free to share!


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