Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 16

So, I've been told that adoptive moms can actually take hormones--and who knows what else--to produce milk so that they can actually breast feed their adoptive child. Ben and I talked about it briefly but both agreed that the process seems way too UN-natural.

The thought of going back on hormones after all the grueling infertility nonsense makes me want to scream "BEEN THERE DONE THAT--DIDN'T WORK--NO THANK YOU!" Going back to Jana Wolff's book...I agree with her--we have come to the same place--I'm tired of making my body do things that it clearly doesn't want to do. On that note, I read a very bizarre story of a woman who didn't want to mess with the hormones so she purchased a "rig" (for lack of a better word) that connected tubes to her nipples and attached to a warm bottle that hung around her neck. She agreed the process was complicated and not something one could ever do in public--but for her the bonding that took place between her and the baby was worth it. I can certainly appreciate her willingness....and even applaud her efforts...but seriously?

I believe that breast feeding is important for health and bonding...but I'm going to trust God on both accounts for our baby


  1. The "rig" thing sounds interesting. There are other "bonding" things you can do with baby that does not include breast feeding. I couldn't nurse PJ for a while because he was so sick when he was born...we bonded just fine and I didn't even get to hold the little guy until day 3 or 4. (Nobody else held him either...he is just fine!) I mean, it wasn't what we would have chosen, but God is in control.

  2. I agree with Teri!! Bonding takes place way beyond just feeding time. You have so much love to give. You are going to be an awesome mom.

  3. I have read that adoptive mothers can get their babies to suckle too, but that I would have to supliment anyway... and it takes a lot of effort and work and for some it doesn't work at all...we've decided my energies can be better spent elsewhere....we're doing formula.