Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 24

We were assigned a case worker, today! Yeah!!!!! Her name is Jodi. I started praying for her as soon as I received the name. I can't imagine how difficult her job must be and the severity of some of the situations she deals with. For those of you who don't know, she plays a very important role in our adoption journey. She will be observing and meeting with us during the home studies and in charge of making sure we are placed with the right birthmom. She will also facilitate all interaction with our mom as well as represent our voice during and throughout the placement. I'm not worried about making a wrong impression, instead I'm asking you to pray for her because I'm looking for the supernatural in our adoption experience. Of course, I want Jodi to use wisdom and to be led by the Lord when helping to match us with the right mom, but even more importantly I want her life to be impacted for the better when the process is all said and done.

Lord, I pray that you would give Jodi wisdom and strength...peace and love. If she doesn't know you I pray for an encounter...If she does, I pray a new passion...energize her...fill her...bless her household and her family...protect gracious to her..give her abundant joy.


  1. I will pray! I love this for you Rebekah! It makes my heart so happy for you and Ben! You are going to ROCK as parents.

    Thanks for your lift-me-up comment on my blog! I would take touching a life before chocolate ANYDAY! Thank you for sharing that...I am looking forward to being accepted and moving forward!

  2. What a beautiful prayer. I'm glad you pray such prayers for me. Your page is looking so lovely! I love the little adoption journey addition.

  3. What an exciting week. I will add this to the list. Love you friend. so blessed to be a part of your life and walking this journey with you guys.

  4. thanks for emailing me! i'll add you to my blogroll, if you don't mind.

    i hope your process goes quickly. we just covered our entire process in prayer, too!

    thanks for reading! i plan on keeping up with your blog.


  5. Thank you for your comment, I wish noone had to have those feelings...but you know what they say about misery loving company. :)

    I have been catching up on your blog and you have a lot going on! As far as Jodi...she will be in my prayers, and if she doesn't know Him - maybe she will see Him in you. Nothing happens by chance so you never know.

    I read in an earlier post how infertility didn't break you and Ben. That is us as well. It has brought us so much pain but so many tender moments, the sharing of such intense feelings and while I wouldn't want this for anyone - I wonder if our love would have grown so deep and so tangible. I wonder if I would have seen such a vulnerable side of Scott - there is nothing more heart rendering than seeing a grown man cry when he is reminded he isn't a dad by seeing a commercial or kids at the park. Blessing and a curse I think. I think also when we do have a child - however it comes - people who fight for their babies sometimes cherish it more...every breath, cry, dirty diaper and hug.

    Praying for you and this pregnancy on paper :) You're expecting!!

  6. I just told Ben this week--I don't care what the books say or advice that will surly come, I am never letting go of that baby once he/she comes. To say my heart will cherish is an understatement! :)

  7. our caseworker was SO helpful during the whole process. She was ultimately the one that convinced us to prepare our hearts and minds for the imminebt arrival. I can still remember her saying, "there WILL be a baby, so you'd better prepare!" That was the hope we needed!