Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Love Now

Sweet Boy's mom is back at the agency, weekly, visiting her new baby. She asked our case worker if I would send updated pictures of the kids, so we did a mini photo shoot, this weekend. While I was taking pictures, Ty said, "Mom, do you know what would be really nice? If we made "Miss J" a book about our family."

While I snuggled Missy in for a nap, Ty and Sweet Boy got to work (LJ is not the sit down and do type).

I didn't pay much attention to what they were writing, except for the occasional, "Mom! How do you spell --", but when they proudly brought me the finished project, my eyes swelled with tears.

Ty only has limited knowledge of what Sweet Boy's first life was like and, truthfully, I don't think Sweet Boy associates any of his trauma with his first mom. She was out of the picture most of the time, so there is a genuine disconnect in their relationship.

Their little book was such a reflection of love at its purest.

Ben and I are not perfect people and we, certainly, miss the mark when it comes to parenting a lot of the time. But, we are purposeful when it comes to our philosophy on love.

We love without condition or border.
All our deserving without exception.
And our measurement of choice is super-sized wheelbarrows.

Each boy took turns writing, while the other boy illustrated. Ty did the cover.

Sweet Boy did the first page.

They switched on and off for about a dozen more.

They told her all about our family and the things we like to do.

It was the ending that got me the most.

They wanted to make sure Miss J knew that she was loved by Jesus.

I love the way our kids love.

Sometimes it's Daniel in the whale or Jonah and the giant - they're learning their way through the Bible. Their theology will come in time, but love is demonstrated, now. The way we talk and pray and extend ourselves to others, shows our babies what true religion is all about.

 When I flipped through the pictures from our photo session, I cried in awe over every one. God has never failed our family and his story of love is carried through each of these lovies.


  1. Look at those cute glasses! I love the book. Give those beautiful babies a hug from me. Love, Julie

  2. What an awesome post!! These kids need you and Ben and you need them!! You guys were all made for each other! And that little book they made just proves that you and Ben both ROCK at being parents!

  3. Odd question, but what kind of camera and lens do you use? Your photos of the kids are always so lovely.

    1. I shoot a Nikon D60 and use the 50mm lens almost, exclusively. With very little effort I get fantastic pictures. I am too busy to edit! :)

  4. Beautiful post and love the last pic! LOVE!

  5. I can't get over the cuteness of the last photo!! Of course love the book, what sweet boys you have!

  6. What a beautiful picture... I love her chubby little hands around big brother's neck! And the book is pure love. May God use it to remind her that love and goodness is out there and want to find that way for herself.

  7. I believe that kids learn how to love by following the examples of the adults around them, and your kiddos are learning great things! You are pointing them to the most awesome example of love--God/Jesus. The book is so heartwarming, and the picture at the very end of your post is pure sweetness.

    Kathy Lang