Friday, March 20, 2015

FF: Costco Chicken Bake

Apparently, this was a must-have option at Costco in the recent past, but was pulled from the deli menu for whatever reason. We did get a Costco membership, this year, once we realized how many beef sticks the boys were consuming, but stopping in the deli is not an option with one full cart of children and two of groceries.

All that to say, I chose this recipe from the picture...not previous experience.

Homemade Costco Chicken Bake Recipe 

Couldn't you just eat the picture? This Costco Chicken Bake recipe comes from Redefined Mom.

I paired it with a simple salad and fresh blackberries.

It got so-so reviews from the boys, but Ben and I loved it. These two liked the pre-dinner grapes and peppers better than what was served up, but they still get points for cuteness.

The crisp loaf with baked in Parmesan is well worth the try! Tell us what you think.


  1. Num! Yes, I could eat the picture and I can see why you tried it based on that :)

  2. Oh, her little glasses are so sweet...any you can just tell how soft her little hair must be...such a doll. And Ty is all grown up, when did that happen, lol!!!!

  3. Wow!!! Sounds yummy!!!! I would LOVE this, unfortunately my family well hubby wouldn't (he doesn't do onions, peppers or dressings).

  4. I keep adding your dinners to my pin boards. : ) Thank you.

  5. So I just printed all of your Food Friday recipes (except this one...I didn't like it when it was in Costco). I've been looking for new recipes to try for my kiddos. We keep getting into a rut eating the same meals over and over. Please keep the child-pleasing recipes coming!


    P.S. I've been following your and Rebekah's story since she was pregnant. You have been the recipient of many of my prayers. Keep up the good work mothering those sweet babies!!!