Friday, March 13, 2015

FF: The World's Best Lasagna

I admit. This is the second Food Friday in a row that I gave my own dinner the highest rating...but I can't help it. Unlike when Buddy the Elf discovers the best cup of coffee, this deservedly is the world's best lasagna. I used Ben's grandmother's recipe for years and loved it...but this is better. A LOT better.

The secret is in the sauce. And I mean that, literally. I am ashamed to admit that I had never made my own tomato sauce before this recipe. It was so delicious, I can taste it in my dreams!

This does break my 60 minutes or less make-to-serve rule...but I made the lasagna up the night before and had it ready to pop in the oven, after I picked the kids up from school.

If you, too, would like to be in on the World's Best Lasagna recipe, head over to Cupcakes & Kale Chips.

World's Best Lasagna. The sauce is so flavorful from having both beef and sausage, there is the perfect amount of cheese, and it all comes together into the perfect bite of hot, cheesy, meaty, saucy deliciousness. 

I followed the directions, exactly. Like the author, I did not use fennel and I bought no-cook noodles. Actually - funny story - I had lasagna noodles in a clear make-everything-look-pretty box from the container store, but since I couldn't remember whether or not they were no cook noodles, I was forced to throw them out and run to the store for new ones. Ug. After spending two hours on sauce, there was no way I was willing to chance the error!

Ty insisted on giving the lasagna two stars, even though he ate most of it and Ben....well...I'm not actually sure what Ben is holding out for. I might have to serve it on me, after hours, to achieve supremacy. We'll see.

I, however, found this to be, PERFECTly delicious. I paired it with frozen garlic bread and a quick salad. 

The lasagna was even better the next two days for lunch!


  1. Has LJ ever turned anything away,or given less then 5 starts?? I am going to print this out and make it in the near future. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Melissa,
    This made me smile!! LJ is so tremendously loyal and laid back. Every day is the best day he's ever had and my food is always the best he's ever eaten. He's a good stroke to the ego!

  3. Printed the recipe! Can't wait to try it. Tell Ben to get over it :-). Love you! Julie

  4. I think LJ is your biggest fan! Ty seems to be one tough customer! Boys are such a hoot! My 8 year old son is my biggest cheerleader, he gives me 5 star ratings when I cook too!