Thursday, January 12, 2012


We were contacted, today, about a possible placement.

Ben and I don't see eye to eye...

Thankfully, we've navigated difficult adoption conversations before and are able to mediate our own arguments discussions by listening to what the other person has to say and not discrediting the value their input adds. The problem with me is that I am extremely passionate and quick to my feet when it comes time for decisions. I lead with my heart and run full force into the things I'm passionate about. The problem with Ben? He needs more passion [smile].

I love and respect my husband more than anyone else. He is logical and loving and firm. He never makes decisions without careful thought and calculation (avoid car shopping with him at all costs). His voice of reason is an important part of my decision making.

After tonight's conversation, we both feel right. Instead of getting frustrated or ruffled, I told him how much I appreciated his insight (I do) and that we'll trust God for the answer.

I left the room and started praying a mile a minute. Lord. If these children are part of your plan for our lives, open Ben's heart and impart wisdom...

I don't ever want to convince Ben to adopt. This is a partnership and of all the decisions we'll make together, these are important ones. We have to be united.

It's a win-win for me. If I'm right, then, God does all the work. He will do the convincing...not me. If I'm wrong, our kids are still out there.

As it turns out, because parental rights have not been terminated on these kids and because we have yet to be licensed to foster, we're not able to see their profiles. Our licensing worker is pushing our case through so that it can be completed, quickly.

Hopefully, we'll get to read through the profiles, in the next couple of weeks. But, frankly, I have no idea what "quickly" means. For now, we only have a few pieces of information to go on. The weightiest comment for me was from our licensing worker (whom I adore), "My supervisor and I think they are an ideal placement and a good fit for your family."

Man...there's so much trusting in this process! While we are blindly spoon-fed details, I'm thankful for that drunken peace from my last post. I'm going to need it! 


  1. I am excited for your family!

    One thing that my husband and I always pray is that God will open the doors he wants us to walk through and close the doors he does not want us to take. God does not ask us to be capable, He only asks that we be willing. At least for us this has been a powerful prayer in our lives.

  2. it is such a roller coaster, but I am still excited for you.

    out of curiosity, why are they calling you about kids that are not up for adoption yet? would you have to do visits with their parents?

  3. Kids have to be placed in prospective adoptive homes before the parental rights are terminated so that they don't create legal orphans. At least that is how it is here in California. Most of the time by the time they are close to the termination of Rights hearing the workers are pretty sure if the case is going to adoption or not. Once services are terminated to birthparents it is very unlikely they will ever get placement of them again (unlikely, not impossible). Is that how it is there in Michigan too??

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