Thursday, September 4, 2014

God Bubbles.

The boys started kindergarten, this week. Gasp.

They are awesome. Raising three boys the same age is so much fun.

On the way to school, we were praying and I just started sobbing. I waved my hands and said, “Okay, boys. We’re done. God loves you. We love him. You’re going to have a great day!”

“Mom….Are you crying?”

Sniffle; head nod.


“Because. My babies are growing up –“ Sob.

They burst into giggles. “We’re not BABIES! Mom….!”

All three of them went right to their desks without a second glance back to me. When I picked them up, I got a chorus of “KINDERGARTEN is AWESOME!” 

I spent the whole day worrying about Sweet Boy.

Ty is in the same class, but I knew it probably wouldn’t matter. Sweet Boy is still so quiet; fragile. He doesn’t bother connecting with anyone outside our family.

I wrote his teacher a thoughtful note prior to school starting. I just shared enough to help her understand our family and Sweet Boy’s needs.

After I picked the boys up from their first day, Sweet Boy started heaving and, frantically, calling out to me that he was going to throw up. Thankfully, we mastered breathing/talk through techniques a few months ago and I was able to calm him within a few minutes. It broke my heart to see him so anxious, but I am thankful that he has been episode free for about 8 weeks.

He couldn’t tell me anything about the day and didn’t remember any of the kids in his class. He did remember his teacher’s name, but we had been practicing it for several days.

Early in the week, his teacher let me know that he was stuttering quite a bit. Another sign of distress. He desires to play/be alone all of the time.

I was feeling pretty discouraged and helpless when his therapist arrived, tonight. We have continued to do weekly therapy in our home and, although, I haven’t seen drastic changes, Sweet Boy really enjoys meeting with her.

I started our session by filling her in about the week and then left the two of them alone to play and talk. Toward the end of their session, his therapist asked for me to join them. She prompted Sweet Boy and then he, proudly, demonstrated his homework assignment for the week. She had taught him how to introduce himself….why didn’t I think of that?

He looked at me straight in the eye and stuck out his right arm. “Hi. I am [Sweet Boy]. What is your name?” He paused a minute before giggling.

I couldn’t believe the confidence behind his glance and marveled at the miracle worker in front of me. He went on to tell me that his job was to be brave enough to introduce himself to two friends, this week, and that he was going to keep practicing on our family.

He skipped out of the room and his therapist and I finished up. She took out his drawing from, today, and I was in awe. He had drawn the entire classroom. He knew the number of boys and the number of girls. Where the activity centers and lockers were. And was able to articulate his entire day.

They talked about what an observer he is and he admitted that he liked to watch people. There were some cute little bubbles at the top of his drawing and when asked about their significance, Sweet Boy said, “That’s God’s love in my heart.”

I didn’t cry when she showed me his precious drawing, but tears are streaming down my face, now. 

What an amazing little boy. So strong…despite his insecurities.

His therapist used his words as a platform. “You know, [Sweet Boy], God wants you to make friends. That would make him happy. He gave you all that love in your heart to help you be brave.

He told me, tonight, that he plans on being brave, tomorrow. He practiced shaking my hand and each of his brothers'. 

He is such a gift to our family. And so is his therapist.


  1. Rebekah ~ that is just AWESOME!! I don't even know your boys but that just brings tears to MY eyes.....I think because we go through similar things here in our home. I started using some essential oils for Milo as well and that seems to be helping a little bit with the anxiety based fears. I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day!!

  2. This whole post made me smile. Sweet Boy - you sure got that right!

  3. oh man.... im choking back tears!!! that was absolutely beautiful!!! the God bubbles made me gasp. He is so precious!

  4. How precious!! I LOVE that he is bubbling with love! And what an awesome therapist to help him through these milestones and give him the tools to shine! I am going to use this technique on my daughter who is much too shy to introduce herself to anybody!

  5. Beautiful boys! Beautiful post. Love that sweet boy continues to come along.

  6. Amazing!! I am sure you have heard that song by Hillsong...You Make Me Brave! It reminds me of your precious Sweet Boy!

  7. I just love your family!!! I am crying while sitting at my work computer.

  8. such a tender post. Im bawling my eyes out for Sweet Boy and you...How difficult it is to watch our little guys struggle but how blessed this little person is to have you guys. Wow. Love it. Hang in there and thanks for sharing...

  9. So happy to hear of his triumphs! Reminds me a bit of when LJ first arrived. God brings these little, daily miracles. Love you! Julie

  10. Wow. I cried the whole way through this post. So sweet and tender! My oldest (who just moved home 3 months ago) started kinder this week, too. What a week!

  11. He is such an amazing little boy! Thanks for sharing his story. God has big plans for all of your sweet kiddos!

  12. Best thing I have seen in weeks! Loved this. ♥

  13. I love your blog and I'm praying for you. I check this blog nearly every day to see if there's a new post. It always makes my day.

  14. This is so wonderful to read! The resilience in this little boy, with so many supporters around him, will amaze the world. Thank you for seeing it and for nurturing it! And so happy to hear that he has an amazing therapist!