Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I got a text message. A little underwhelming. Visitation was suspended and our termination trial is at the end of June. That's all it said.

We have an "unannounced visit" from our case worker, this week, so I hope to hear more details. I know mom was there because we requested her to sign a consent form to let us take the kids out of state. She signed it.

I'm grateful for no more visits, but frustrated with the two month plus trial date. We are ready to have this portion of our story behind us.

I'm not sure how we'll handle conversations with Sweet Boy from here. LJ told him, yesterday, that when he is adopted he'll have to become a Detroit Tiger fan. He, vehemently, opposed and yelled that he'd always be an Eagles fan (his last foster brother's high school basketball team). I didn't intervene in such an important conversation - just smiled.

I know the Holy Spirit will guide us on what to do and say as we move forward...


  1. I know it is hard waiting for the trials. If it is any encouragement, that is a normal wait for the trial and that means the pre-trial went ahead with no surprises. What is worse is when you have a pre-trial and someone didn't handle all they should have and you have to go through another waiting period before the trial is scheduled (which has happened to us before). I know it is so exciting when the agency finally comes and offers papers that initiate the adoption process....praying that day feels sooner than later in your heart!

    Dana from White Lake, MI.
    www.thepainteddresser.wordpress.com (my VERY outdated blog)

  2. Hang in there! DCFS time is a different dimension. That is great news about the visits. I know the court dates are difficult. I got so tired with the delays that I finally put it out of my thoughts, of course not 100%, and one day surprise! We finalized our little ones adoption 2 months ago. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Adoption is amazing as the lucky and blessed families know.

  3. Hopefully in June things will fall into place for all of you! Praying! Until then enjoy and love on sweet boy & little miss.