Tuesday, June 5, 2012


LJ has had so much blog time because...well...he's taken over our life! I wanted to spend a few moments giving you an update on my firstborn.

I love that word.

Sure he was born of another woman - and fifth born at that - but to me he's first. We've shared so much time, there is just this common "knowing". He is so tender and sweet and easy to please. When I ask him to do something his most common response is "Sure, I will, Mom!"

He is so much like me in his particularities and organization and his soft heart and compassion are so much like Ben's. Do you know who else he is like? Rebekah... They both share a contagious joy that just bubbles over their hearts.

I am so proud of this boy. I try to tell him every day.

Sure, I overhear him saying things like, "LJ, are you stomping your feet? What have I told you about that? Do you WANT to sit in time-out, again?" and I, routinely, have to remind him that mommy and daddy are the only parents in the house...but Ty loves his brother like no one else.

He is LJ's constant cheerleader - "You just went potty on the big potty? Good job, buddy! I'm so proud of you!" or "Mom! LJ just got his shoes on all by himself! Isn't that awesome?" Today, we were at the park and I overheard a mom telling another mom, "Did you see those boys kissing over there? So cute!" I turned, immediately, knowing they had to be talking about my boys. I smiled at Ty and said, "What are you guys doing?" Ty's response was, "Mom, LJ just needed a little kissy to cheer him up."

Sweetness drips like honey from my little Ty.

I had some quiet time with him after lunch and while we were playing, Ty, randomly said, "Mom. I love your green eyes."

God has given him a mind that never stops thinking, storing, and inquiring about the world around him. He notices EVERYTHING.

He is such an absolute gift and joy in our life and I'm not sure we would have survived the transition to four without him. I am in endless gratitude to God and Rebekah for not only giving this boy life, but for choosing us to be such a huge part of it.


  1. What a beautiful soul sweet Ty is. And what a beautiful tribute to him - you describe him so eloquently. Love it!

  2. Oh, you must find those eyes irresistible! I think you are all 4 blessed to be part of this special family!

    Kim M

  3. That is so awesome! What a darling picture and what a wonderful heart he has! Rebekah must be so proud to here this...so proud!

  4. You are raising some GREAT boys! You are preparing them for a life of success! Be proud of yourself. And that Ty sure is a sweetheart!

  5. oh, he sounds like such a gem! and i agree - his birth mom is incredible.

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while, but have never commented, just wanted to say that I love your blog, and love this post! Ty seems like such a loving child, and love your honesty about everything. I'm so glad all is going well and everybody is adjusting!

  7. He sounds so much like my little boy. Dripping with sweetness like honey is a perfect description!

  8. It is cool that we blogged about him on the same day. I absolutly love this picture of him. So sweet!! Love you all so much!!


  9. You are a BLESSED woman:)

  10. I keep coming back to see this picture of Ty. I think its my favorite.


  11. Ty and I were looking at Taylor's graduation napkin. I was going over the numbers with him, over and over. Then I showed him the diploma. I told him about it. You could just see the gears working in his head over that concept. I just love it.