Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Review {2011}

 January: Ty goes sledding for the first time and has a ball!

 February: Ty's vocabulary starts to explode and we enjoy a quiet month at home.

March:  I take a fun trip to Chicago with my girlfriends!

April:  Ty moves to a big boy bed and gets bunk beds!

 May:  Rebekah came to visit!!

 June: Ty turns two and starts getting haircuts by mommy (thankfully, they've improved!)

July: We take Ty on his first camping excursion exploring caves, swimming in waterfalls, and kayaking in the beautiful Watauga lake. 

August: I turn 30 and graduate with my MBA in the same week. We celebrate with the coolest pirate murder-mystery party ever! (And TY gets potty-trained in a weekend by Nana!)

September: We had a crazy family camping trip that produced 90 and 40 degree weather in the same weekend!

October: I finished teaching my first college course, we finished our PRIDE training for foster adoption, and we enjoyed two trips to the orchard for apple picking!

 November:  I made my goal time of under an hour (by 30 seconds!) at our annual mountain bike race.

December: We book-ended our travels with a trip to Houston and San Antonio for Christmas (Other trips included: Toronto, Hocking Hills - OH, Appalachian Mountians - TN, Lake City - MI, Port Huron - MI, and Holland-MI).


  1. Very jealous of the potty training success!

  2. love the year in review idea! Love you guys! Obi always enjoys seeing pictures of his cousin, thanks for sharing.

    cindie and Obi

  3. Jealous too and want/need to know nanas secret!

  4. Saw Ty's sweet picture on my list of posts and had to say hi. Great pictures. You have had a blessed year. I'm so happy for you. We (Grandpa and I) wish many more happy events in the New Year.

  5. Happy New Year! It sounds like a busy and fun-filled one for your family:). I have no doubt this next year holds a lot of magic for all of you!

  6. It was a great year...looking forward to what 2012 will bring!

  7. What a wonderful year right??? I cant wait to see pictures of Sea World!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  8. You are too cute! I cannot believe Ty got potty trained in one weekend...I think if I were a mommy that'd be the highlight of the year. ;)

  9. I was catching up on your blog (haven't been here in awhile:) and just about fell off my chair when I read you visited Lake City, MI. I seriously live 10 minutes from there!!! Wow, small world :) Were you camping at the park there?

    I'm praying for you!!