Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rebekah is coming to visit. Soon. And I am, literally, giddy with excitement.

Admittedly, I have been a horrid friend this year. Not just to Rebekah to everyone. This last push to my master's finish line has been more grueling than I was prepared for. My friends and family would tell you - I don't call; I don't write; I don't attend parties. Work-Ty-homework-sleep, has pretty much become the rhythm of my days. And if someone...let's say...Ben (for example), wants to spend time with me, it has to fall within the first two beats of the pattern because the last two are pretty much non-negotiable. It's bad, I know. Certainly not an ideal situation, but the end is near (August!)

Rebekah is one of the people I miss most. I love the uniqueness in our friendship and that our affection comes from mothering the same son. I want Rebekah to know and experience sweet Tyrus in the same ways that I do and having her come stay with us, in Ty's home, will allow her that opportunity.

From family wrestling to teeth brushing, I want Rebekah to see her son. She'll laugh at his silliness and cry in his tenderness, knowing, the whole time, that she has helped shape him. 

I can't wait.

I've got about three weeks to jam all the homework in so that we can have a care-free, all about Rebekah & Ty, kind of weekend, but what a reward her visit will be. I look forward to sharing it (and new pictures) with you!


  1. What an exciting time!!! Praying that you will be able to focus to get all things tied up so that you can enjoy and embrace the visit!

  2. Wow, that will be such a cool experience for all of you!!!! Have fun!

  3. that will be so awesome and a great break for all of you :)

  4. You're doing an awesome job balancing it all...I know firsthand how hard the game can be. So excited for all of you that Rebekah is coming...I hope your weekend is everything you're dreaming of and then some!


  5. Wow that's amazingly beautiful. Two mama's under the same roof sharing the love of Ty. Can't wait to see pictures and read the story. Hope it's tons of fun for all of you!

  6. you're doing an awesum job...trying to find joy evn in de smallst of things.you reflect avery mother...who loves her child.