Sunday, April 24, 2011

Parenting 101: Don't put Jesus in the Closet.

Ty's language exploded in the last few weeks and the connections his little head puts together make me laugh. All week, we've been talking about Easter and what it means to us as Christ-followers. I mostly get blank stares when I tell him stories so I really don't know what he's retaining or understanding.

This morning, I jumped in Ty's bed, told him how madly in love with him I am and asked if he remembered what we're celebrating today. He promptly asked for daddy.

"Ty, daddy's still sleeping. Do you remember what mommy told you about, today? It's Easter."


"Yes. When you see people today, you should say, 'Happy Easter'."

Happy Burr-thday!!

No. Happy Easter.


Okay, whatever. Do you remember who we're celebrating today?


"No, Ty. Daddy's sleeping. We're celebrating Jesus. He died for us...but then rose again!"

Then. With the most concerning look I've ever seen from a two year old, Ty asks. Mama...Jesus go?

What do you mean, Ty? He died, but then he rose again.

Very matter-of-fact like Ty reiterates his point. Mama, baby Jesus go? mean baby Jesus from your advent calendar? We packed him away with Christmas.

I had a dozen variations of this conversation, today, when Ben, finally, said, "Honey. I'm not sure we're communicating well, here. Maybe telling Ty we pack Jesus away until next year, isn't the best idea!!"

That made us both laugh.

At bed time, when Ty asked about baby Jesus for the upteenth time, I promised we'd fish him out of the closet so that we could celebrate him all year long, without question!

From our family to yours, Ty says, "Happy Burr-thday!!"


  1. Happy Burrthday and Happy Easter to you! Love the picture - looks like you had a wonderful day :)

  2. crack me up :) we worked on the girls saying "Happy Easter, Yea Jesus!" it was really cute

  3. What a cutie. Getting bigger and bigger. He is sweet. Happy burthday and Easter to you all too.

  4. Very Cute!!! I am sure he is getting it more than you and I even know bc Christ is with him and he is just pulling one over on ya... LOVE TO YOU ALL -- BRENDA HARPER

  5. Love that story! :) My little boy who is 3 still asks for baby Jesus and we too have told him he is packed away in the christmas stuff.... maybe we should get another baby Jesus to keep out all year long :)

  6. Love love love love love you all!!!! ;-) Kids really are like sponges. You never know how much they soak up and what triggers those idea's and thoughts that they have. So excited that Becky gets to see some of it next month. ;-)

  7. If you all aren't the cutest family, I don't know who is! Ty is getting such a wonderful upbringing, and I agree with the other commenter - I bet he is picking up more than you know and one day he will say something that blows your socks off and reminds you that he IS understanding:). SO cute!

  8. HA! That's a crack up. Doesn't their memory scare you sometimes?! Declan remembers things that I don't. Ty is such a sweetie!

  9. Too cute! My mom recently visited and brought us a rather ugly plastic nativity set. As my husband was putting it where it belonged I told him we had to keep Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus because our daughter would want to play with it. Now she runs around the house carrying Baby Jesus.

  10. This story put a smile on my face.

  11. He made a reference to Jesus and pointed to the wall and I figured he meant the Advent calendar and baby Jesus. This story is so sweet.

  12. So cute...I can't believe he's speaking so much. The expression on his face is priceless.