Friday, January 21, 2011


Time is flying.

My MBA is kicking my backside. Big time. I know that I am a college "kid," but nothing makes me feel like one more than multiple nights of 2am studying and paper writing. In one of my over-exhausted, writing binges I remember thinking about my first week home with Ty. I mean, home-home, not the out-of-state home we made do with for weeks on end.

We were home two weeks before my first MBA course started. I remember thinking, then, that it was suicide...but I gave myself the appropriate pep talk. Two years seemed forever in the future, especially when functioning on 4 hour chunks of sleep, but Ben would remind me that two years would be gone in a blink...and that I was either going to turn 30 with a master's degree or turn 30 without one. Either way I was going to turn 30.

And here we are. Nearly, two years later.

In six or so months, Ty will turn two. I will turn thirty. My first post-graduate degree will be done.

Wow. It feels good.

Although I've had moments of drowning, the part I feel most accomplished by is the mother I've been for Ty. With few exceptions, all of my homework was done during my lunch hour at work, nap times at home, and sleep times for the rest of humanity. That feels real good.

Ty is growing and changing so fast, I'm trying to savor each moment. Whether they come again through another little boy or girl doesn't matter...they won't come again for Tyrus. I'm quickly losing my baby to boyhood.

The paci is gone and Ty hardly batted an eye. We just cut it cold turkey and told him big boy's didn't need one. He never asked for it again.

The monkey in him is starting to climb and a big boy bed may be in our near future.

For weeks, the kid has been saying, "Poo Poo, Muma" right before he does it! He's starting to sit on the potty, now.

My favorite change was the introduction of Mom-E. Ty's sweet Mumas have melted my heart for so long, but the Mom-E takes me right to my thank-you-Jesus place. He's starting to put many syllable words together, now, and the pride that spreads across his face is evident.

Just tonight, Ben said to me, "You know he says one Dad-E for every six Mom-Es, right?"

"I do. I sure waited a long time to hear them. It's like he knows."

Thank you for continuing to follow our story and love on our family. God is doing so much in us and new chapters are on the brink of release. For the next few months my nose will continue to be in the book-grind, but thankfully the end is near!


  1. Loved this are an amazing woman, Mom-E and student!!! Best of luck getting through the rest of your classes. I love that no matter what, you are so devoted to're a smart momma and a great one to boot.

  2. Its been a long time since I left a comment here. Could it be that Im coming back to the living? LOL Yes Ty is becoming a longer a baby. I loved this post. When you talk about how much you love him it brings tears to my eyes....good tears. I am so glad you are almost done with have accomplished so much...more then I could. I love you guys so much. Skype ya soon. (wink)


  3. You'll have to let me know how the potty training goes.....I'm not looking to start until June...ugghh

  4. Wow, you are in the last push! You have taken on SO much for yourself and your family and have handled it all with must be so proud of yourself. I can't believe what a big boy Ty is...but he will always be your baby, too:). They grow so dang fast! Good luck in these last few months of school!

  5. You are doing great Rebekah. I am so proud of you. You and Ben are such great parents and I cannot wait to hear about what happens in the near future. Hugs.

  6. Good luck in these last few months of school. Ty is growing so fast! And into such a handsome young man.

    Thanks for sharing your adoption story!

  7. What, being a great mom while working and getting an MBA is an AMAZING accomplishment, you should be proud of yourself!!!!!!
    And Ty is adorable!
    What a great way to ring in 30!

  8. What a sweet post. I have an award for you on my blog!

  9. Wow! Your a superwoman! Ty is so adorable:) Sending prayers your way. Mollie:)

  10. Nothing is more precious than hearing that word, "mommy". Even now when Mitch says it,(which is not often enough),it melts my heart. Your a great mumma!!!


  11. What a wonderful post. You continue to be a wonderful and inspirational mom and woman.

  12. Keep at it. The shore is in sight. Our little guy felt a lot better today. He just cracks me up with what he can put together, idea wise. What a little sharpie.

  13. And then you will publicize your first book and I will buy a copy of the beautiful adoption story you allowed God to write. =)

    Much love!