Monday, February 15, 2010

Ty's 8th Month

Our boy is growing fast. Every day I find myself asking, "Did he just fill-in-the-blank?"

I am in complete awe of how his little brain works and manipulates and investigates. It's wild. I love teaching Ty new things and to see him start to imitate and respond back makes my heart flow over. He is clicking his mouth, blowing/vibrating his tongue (not sure how else to describe that!), does the "Indian" with anything available (Ben about died when he did it with his foot), clapping, and loosely signing "more."

Ty squeals [and I mean SQUEALS] with delight when our kitty, Mr. Moo, waltzes into the room and, believe it or not, we're pretty sure he's saying "kitty." He started making a very distinct "Kh" sound this month and, twice, he's looked right at Mr. Moo and said what sounded like "kitty." It's crazy! The da-da-da and ba-ba-ba sounds have continued as well. When I try to encourage "ma-ma-mama" I'm answered with peels of laughter. Not quite sure why that's so funny.

Two definite personality traits emerged this month. Independence and sensitivity.

The boy wants to be on the move most of the time. He's no where near crawling, but does a lot of quick-rolling, lunging, and climbing. We got him a Jeep walker, this month, and he loves to walk all over the basement and is a master at maneuvering forwards and backwards. Some of my favorite Ben words, matched with precarious Ty positions, include: "Buddy, what were you hoping to accomplish by doing that?"

I love the adventurous, active spirit, but wonder about the independent streak that is emerging. Ty already wants to do things himself, particularly when it comes to food. He doesn't want Ben and I to feed him anymore. He has better ideas that involve him holding the spoon. He continues to growl and smack the table when food doesn't come fast enough (I have no idea how he remains such a little peanut).

Ty has also been displaying a deep nurturing, sensitive side. Good old nurture vs. nature. Rebekah attributes his tenderness to our loving, but I think it's a beautiful blend of both our efforts. Ty is a lover. No doubt. He loves to snuggle and cuddle. Just this month, he started leaning in for hugs. I'll talk and sing to him, while he's standing or sitting on my lap (facing me) and after a few seconds he'll dive in for hugs and then return to his playing.

Tyrus absolutely made my knees buckle, last week, when I picked him up and completely unwarranted he kissed me right on the lips. Open-mouthed, of course. I never thought I could love the boy more, until he started offering up kisses of affection. His disposition is so loving and sweet, I can't wait to see how God uses it. There is, however, another side to sensitivity that is also starting to play out. Hurt feelings. Words like, "Oh, honey, mommy didn't mean to hurt your feelings," and "Sweetheart, it's okay," are becoming parts of everyday conversation, in our home. Ty get's his feelings hurt very easily and the lip-quivering cry is noticeable. The unpredictability, however, is funny, to me. He never cries when we drop him off in the church nursery or when we leave for work in the mornings, but then I'll take his bib off after dinner and he'll randomly start crying as if I had hurt his oldest, longest friend.

The why-are-you-doing-this-to-me-mommy cry is creeping in more and more. I hope that our matter-of-fact tendency to address such situations will prevent further drama in the future, but I don't know...

We finally reached the 18 pound mark and Ty is able to wear most of his 6-9 month clothing. He's a maniac with his eating and is able to use his pincher fingers to pick up food. He is drawn to tags, buttons, zippers, and hoodie strings and finally wakes up playing and happy.

Every night, Ben and I take turns sneaking in Ty's room, for nighttime stares. My favorite moments happen when one of us catches the other "in the act." Often times we sit and hold each other, while watching our miracle boy rest.

We live in a constant state of remembering. God is good.


  1. Great pictures! He is adorable, and smart. I think you know that the drama is just beginning :)

  2. Oh. Yes. The sensitivity. About Ty's age, Shelby started crying when you laughed at her...well...laughed because of something she did. Oh, how she would cry.

    Aren't little kids such miracles? I am amazed everyday at what God can create!

    Shelby is also the same as Ty when it comes to food. We haven't been able to use a spoon with her for months. I just put the food on her tray and let her have at it.

    Don't you sometimes, just want to freeze time? But then at the same time you want to experience their next milestone, accomplishment, etc...?

  3. Happy 8 months to Ty. And I have to say. . . I absolutely love that boy's hair. :-D He's becoming a little person, and it's so fun to hear about his character traits.

  4. Ty is so stinkin' adorable and your blog makes me weepy every time I read it.

    I swear Kasen is trying to say "cat" or "kitty" too. He's 8.5 months and every time one of our cats enters the room he looks at them and either makes "ca" or "t" sounds. Sometimes he'll go "tee tee tee tee" over and over like he's trying to say "kitty, kitty, kitty!" He also does "daw" when he sees our dog. It still shocks me every time!

  5. He is INCREDIBLY adorable and his parents' love for him is inspiring to those of us at the beginning of this journey. Thank you for sharing your miracle with us:).

  6. He is such a sweetie. Thanks for your comments on my blog about bonding, I am off to search for a sling right now!!!!

  7. He is so cute and has changed so much. He is just growing like crazy but is cute as can be. :)

  8. Sometimes he cries when he is eating. I wonder what that is about. Everything he does though, is adorable

  9. great pics, i love his piano! oh I was gonna ask you if you have time please go back to my blog and leave your comment again, I accidently delelted it, so sorry, your comments are so iportant so I hope you can find the time, sorry again

  10. He is getting so big and he is so adorable! This brought happy tears to my eyes, from the "open mouth" kiss, to the sneeking into his room to watch him! I can see my Son's parents doing the same thing and it just made my heart so warm! I'm so happy that he is starting to talk and explore things all on his one. You mentioned the fact that he loves tags...well my cousin has this blanket with tags...I am thinking about getting one for Ashden and thought you might want to check out this website:

  11. What a cutie... Never posted before, but I LOVE reading your blog.

    You have a blogging award on my blog.

  12. The third from the bottom picture is my favorite! So cute!

  13. Great photos and update, he's getting SO big! I completely believe he's saying "kitty!" These little people understand way more than I think we give them credit for!

    LOVE IT!! Happy 8th month to your boy.


  14. happy 10 months little ty! :) time flies so fast ~ before you know it you'll be planning his 1st birthday party and wondering where your little baby went. :(

  15. He is just so precious! Happy 8 months Ty!

    Also, there is an award for you on my blog! :)

  16. Rebekah, Lois just told me the other day in conversation that Jim used to tell the kids, " now, you just cry it all out." Made me think of that when I read your post. Cant wait to see him and you of course too!

  17. Not only do I love your photographs, posts and honesty but I have to say that mini piano may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Ty is just so handsome!!!! (ohh and sorry I think I e-mailed you this same message, my coffee hasn't apparently kicked in yet!).