Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 324

Only 99 days until we meet Baby Boy! I've been waiting to hit the under-100-mark for weeks now! And I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! Of course, he could surprise us at any time before or after June 25th....but I have to have a goal date or I'll go nuts!

We have made the decision to drive the 22 hours to the hospital...our social worker thought I was kidding when I told her...and you might think we're nuts... Obviously, we really want to be there for the birth (and I'm hopeful we will)...but when we added up the cost of two last minute airline tickets to a city that doesn't offer direct a rental car for 2-3 weeks...and the extra cost of shipping all our stuff, the pros outweighed the cons. Now, we'll be able to have all our essentials (including our own wheels!) without having to worry about conserving space (to a point).

I'm hopeful that we'll make it in time because the doctor has already mentioned C-section and induction to Rebekah (due to her pre-eclampsia). I know that we could very well miss the birth and not get to meet our little man until the next day...but I'm surprisingly at peace about it. God's hand has been so directive in this, I can't help but trust him with the fine details. Rebekah really wants us there...and we want to be there....but if it doesn't work out, than I'm going to believe that God wanted Rebekah to have that time alone with her son and family.

We're not sure how it will all go down....if she still hasn't had the baby by the 23rd or 24th of June we may just start driving...We totally have to take it one day at a time! My psychotic process for planning has begun and the goal is to have everything....and I mean everything done by June 1st. I want to be able to jump in the car and go...completely worry free!!

P.S. There are a lot of details to consider when you're leaving your house for weeks at a time....and bringing another small person, completely dependent on you, home...oh and you've never taken care of a small person before!

If you could only see my sweet, bloom embossed notebook....It contains 10 important and very detailed lists on what needs to get done each week until our ready date! Can you believe it, I only have 10 weeks!?!

P.S.S. I'm SO glad we did the nursery and shower early!

My lists cover every spectrum of chore [and don't be "chore," I mean fun. I love to-do lists and even more than that I LOVE preparing for a baby!] From setting up the out-of-state pediatrician to preparing birth announcements to washing all the baseboards and dusting the walls, I have plenty to keep me busy over the next several weeks.

Nothing on earth is going to compare with holding baby boy in my arms for the first time....I want to spend the rest of my life devoting myself to him [I'm seriously not sure if I'll ever put Baby Boy down or let Ben hold him].

Here's the way I see it: Devote the next 10 weeks to years worth of house projects and cleaning and the next 10 years of life to Baby Boy....After that point, the furniture will all need to be moved and everything will need a good dusting again! [smile]

We're counting down the days and making everyday count!


  1. You are totally nesting! :o) I love it. Don't forget to add one last date night with Ben in there towards the end - we enjoyed marking our last hurrah as a family of 2. Congrats!

  2. Under a 100 days!!! Yea for you. We have a list a mile long of things to do before our baby boy comes also. I spent many hours yesterday and last night attacking the attic. There are now seven empty containers, and truck loads of stuff to take to Sal. Army. I love knowing that it is clean and we have only the things we need to keep up there. On to the next room...:)

  3. You are so cute! It is great to see you this way...sorry I did not "dust my wall" before Samuel came home and my baseboards still need help...If you need something to do...come clean mine, please! Very cute!

    Samuel is now 100 days old! God Bless.

  4. We drove as well... 1100 miles!
    The only issue was driving home with the baby! :) For like a month afterwards DJ hated being put in his car seat! LOL! I think we ruined it for him with such a long drive...LOL!!!! He's better now though. Hee Hee!!! Yeah, 99 days...I am SOOO excited! It's going to FLY by!
    And YES, don't ever put him down (except to let Ben hold him)... :) They grow WAY to fast...before you know it, he'll be 6 months old and won't want mommy to hold him anymore because he wants to be down playing all the time!
    Hugs to you!

  5. Awww! I love reading your excitement!

    My guess is she will be induced. Being pre-eclamptic and already having children before and knowing her body will respond to the labor well, it is probably the best course of action. I've had all of my babies induced so far, and my OB is ready to set a date with us as soon as the baby is ready. :)

    I know the rental car will be expensive, but my thought isn't worry about the 22 hour trip THERE but the 22 hour trip BACK. I'd never want to be in the car with a newborn that long! You may still consider booking the flight when/if the OB gives an induction date. I always get mine a month in advance. :)

    I know you didn't ask for advice, but I couldn't resist giving it.

  6. it will go so fast, before you know it that baby will be in your arms, what a wonderful thought. we will keep praying for you AND Rebekah.

  7. wow! he will be here before you know it!

  8. Its coming so soon!

    I thought I'd share our experience in case it might help you make a decision. We (really I) wanted so much to be there for the delivery that we set out on our 12 hour drive a day or two before the due date but to our surprise and dismay the baby was two weeks late. We ended up having to be in the strange city for almost a month. It was frustrating (and expensive) being there for so long before the baby arrived but when I look back on it now, I think it was all part of God's plan. We spent those two weeks together as a family (doing fun stuff with our older son) and we got to spend a lot of time with our birthmom. I think her getting to know us over those two weeks made things a little easier on her and solidified her decision. It was also good for us to get to know her better. Since we do not have any contact now, we'll be able to tell Samuel about the time we did spend with her.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  9. This post makes me so happy! I am smiling so big right now. LOVE IT. God is super faithful.

    PS - I think the driving idea sounds perfect! Especially the wheels and being there for so long. And you and Ben get to have a fun road trip together too.

  10. double digets! Whoohoo! Before you know it you will be at the single digets waiting for him~ it will fly by... I don't think you are crazy for driving ... I'm so happy you are going!

  11. you always make me smile, isn't it great to know God's hands are all over the situation, I often wonder how people handle life without that knowledge, can't wait to be a part of the journey

  12. How exciting... I know it sounds crazy, but it will be here before you know it. Praise God over and over and over again.

  13. I have a very detailed list of what I packed and I can go back and make notes about what we used/didn't use - if that would help, let me know and I can email it to you!!

  14. Wow, time is flying by (for me anyway!)!! I think driving is good and I love that you are able to give it up to God. I love that you are keeping busy with your lists. If you want to share them, I love to read lists and get ideas on what to add to mine!!

  15. Oh, to be able to nest without the belly causing my feet to go numb when I try to wash the baseboards...hear me in love when I say you are one LUCKY (BLESSED) MAMA! So excited for and with you, my dear friend. I can't wait for our baby boys to meet. I'm sure they'll have an instant connection :)

  16. How exciting- only 99 days (more or less) to go!!!

    I'll be praying that you and Ben will be able to be there for the birth, IF that's what God has planned.

    By the way- how long are you going to make us wait until you reveal
    "Baby Boy's" name?? I am eager to find out!

  17. Hi Rebekah! I always look forward to your new posts about baby boy! We are very excited and getting close to jumpimg in with both feet! I really admire you finishing the baby room (so cute by way!) and having a baby shower, all before you were matched with a birthmom! I have thought about what I would do...and adoption has restored hope and peace to my soul, but there is that slight twinge of having to walk by a baby room all day when I don't yet have my baby! But seeing that you have embraced it, makes me want to embrace it. We are using an adoption ministry, not an agency, and their fastest placement (day a profile went up to day baby was placed in arms) is 5 days. So it's definitely a concern that we should be prepared for anything! Congrats to breaking 3 digit numbers! You are getting close!

  18. You are truly a mother already! Your excitement and joy is so contagious and tangible!!!

    Nesting instincts have kicked in (no, you don't have to be pregnant to have that instinct!). SO exciting!

  19. amazing....i know these thoughts all too well. :) we were told we could be in oregon for icpc for up to two weeks also. it turned out we were given our clearance after 3 days! we were astounded, but had already booked out flight for a week out. :) I feel for you though driving 22 hours with a newborn ~ I hope it goes really well. :) We thought about driving also, but ended up flying....we had accrued some mileage through alaska airlines so we were able to use those. :)
    So, YES enjoy getting those things done now! :)

  20. It is so obvious that you are in nest mode right now. Less than 100 days wow!! Congrats, I am really excited for you.

  21. WOW, so very exciting and I am right there with you!! I can't wait to *meet* your baby boy, and see you holding him in your arms! This is going to be such a sweet, sweet journey for you and I am jumping for joy over here!

    As for the driving, I can see the pros of that decision...and I would add one to the list, which is that you will get some very special 1:1 time with Ben right before the biggest change of your lives, that is awesome! :)


  22. Rebekah,
    You don't know me, but I found your blog through Holly's blog. With our first adoption, we were notified after birth that we were picked, and we flew down with nothing but a carseat, rented a minivan with the plan to drop it off in NJ, bought out the BRU in Tampa, and drove the van and baby home. It was 1100 miles, about 20 hours.

    With the second baby (same birthparents), we planned to drive our now purchased minivan down for a planned induction with our daughter, but the baby came a month early. I flew down when M went into labor, and landed right about the time she gave birth. My DH and 1yo DD drove straight through with all of our stuff and arrived about 24 hours after the birth. We drove back home the 20 hour with a 1 yo and a 10 day old. I would drive all over again. It was hard, but when you have a lot of stuff, it seems to be the only way.

    Here's my advice - map out the Denny's on your route. They always have changing tables in the mens and womens rooms, and very few other restaurants do. In fact many fast food places didn't have them in the ladies room. My husband stopped at 2 on the way down, and we stopped at 4 on the way back. They don't care if you just order a drink and the time spent at the stop was far less than a fast food restaurant.

    Also, not sure if you already have housing, but if you don't, check out or I picked out several acceptable houses and contacted the owners in advance asking if they'd be open to a last minute rental. Several were, and once I was down there, I sent emails to those who said it'd be ok, and found a great house. It's much nicer being in a house for 2 weeks than a hotel, even a residence inn. Maybe a hotel for one or two nights, and then move. And it's usually cheaper.

    Finally, you may want to use the ped that sees your son in the hospital. We did that both times and it helped that the ped had the history. They were very open to the last minute appt required by ICPC.

    Good luck!!