Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 216

I survived the holiday. A few days off from work, time with close friends, and the world's cutest turkey cookies (made by mua) have me back to walking the upside of this valley.

We sang a David Crowder song in worship, today, that I love. The title is Everything Glorious and my favorite lines read:

My eyes are small but they have seen
the beauty of enormous things
Which leads me to believe
there's light enough to see that

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
And I am Yours
What does that make me?

My heart may play in the depths of the shadows, but that does not mean I have not seen the enormity of what God is doing in and through Ben and me. Simplicity will never be found in the definition of adoption...but then again, neither will insignificance. I have seen the beauty of enormous things because our God is an enormous God! [don't you love that word?] Enormous: exceeding the norm, outrageous, huge, monstrous.

Our baby's legacy will be all of these things. This process exceeds the norm in every way and I believe the life of our child will too. As I sang the chorus "You make everything glorious..." my Spirit man shouted, "Yes, Lord! You do make everything glorious! Thank you for redeeming my situation and giving me hope. Thank you for taking a miserable motherless existence and bringing it glory." I worship him [even from the depths of emptiness] because I love him and trust him. Someday, in his timing, my heart's cry will be answered. Until then, I'll do my best to keep pushing through. I am so thankful that in my faithlessness, he remains faithful...


  1. I LOVE the cookies! They are so creative and fun!! :) The wait is no doubt challenging...but the pay off in rewards once you have your baby in your arms will so be worth it. (I know, you probably hear this daily, right?) This child had no idea how lucky he/she will be to have you as their mom. Hopefully its very soon...I look forward to that post. :)

  2. First, love the cookies!

    Second, maybe next year at this time our childless holidays will be a thing of the past. In the meantime, we'll encourage eachother and others who are also waiting.

    Keep holding on!

    For me, I just have to somehow find the desire to enjoy Christmas. It's the hardest.

  3. hugs, rebecca. i'm praying for your longing heart today. i'm sorry for your pain and i pray the Lord reveals Himself to you today in miraculous ways. you are dearly loved.

  4. That cookie made me drool, seriously...
    God is so incredible, so many things we will never understand. I pray this is the last holiday without your baby. And I pray God continues to shape your heart for motherhood, he is doing such an amazing job!

  5. Praying you have a magical Holiday season, whether a mommy or a mommy-to-be. Because no matter what, you are a mommy-to-be and are waiting! Spend the holidays counting that as a blessing!

    You're an encouragement in your honesty and I always hear myself in your writings. Glad you're coming around the bend, and I hope Christmas will be easier than the last week was!

  6. Those cookies are amazing.

    I too am struggling with the waiting, the wondering, being patient and not knowing. It's hard to trust that God IS in control and he knows best. It's hard to realize how lucky we are. I struggled a lot with that this week. I love this line "I am so thankful that in my faithlessness, he remains faithful..."

    That is so true. Praying for you and for me, that we can continue to praise our amazing God for the work he's doing in our lives.


  7. Those ARE the stinkin' cutest cookies EVER!!!! Love em!

    I am praying for you every day. I cannot wait to see you with a baby! Soon girl, very soon!

  8. Just sending you hugs and peace in your heart that God knows you and knows exactly the little one that is meant for you. I pray that it's soon....but no matter what, it will be right. Thinking of you...

  9. I think I have missing-rebekah-itis. Really, it's serious. I have a bad cold, I'm tired...all because I haven't seen you in too long.

    It's a good thing we are getting together Saturday. My health depends on it ;)

  10. The cookies are ADORABLE! I'm so glad I read , your post today because 1)the cookies made me smile and 2) I needed to hear that God makes all things glorious- right now it doesn't feel that way- but it's the Truth.