Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 126

I've been a busy girl! I finished the baby's quilt, this weekend, and found the most adorable polka dot sheets for the crib!

I decided to go with a down comforter, because I already had a twin one that I was able to cut to crib size. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the thick black stripe is actually a lux faux fur and the thinner black stripes are a black sequin material--very rockstar! I'm not going to do bumper pads (after much discussion with friends over the hassle of making the bed!), so all I have left to do is the bed skirt. I would like to find a horizontal black and white striped material, so that they match the walls! I am loving the black and white theme and have had fun picking out accessories. I'll give updated room pictures soon, when I get it all put together!

Total Bedding Cost: Crib Sheet $19.99 (splurge), down-comforter $0, Material $8-9, Add $6 for the bed skirt + 3 hours of time. Not a bad deal! Sure beats the $200+ crib sets at Babies 'R Us!!! I'm secretly hoping the baby is a girl because I think hot pink accents would be adorable! We'll see...

I also went and registered!

I admit, it felt awkward; unnatural. I was one of four "expecting" moms that began their registry that day. I was one of one that was missing the bulging belly and swollen ankles. I felt like a phony. My fears were somewhat put to rest when several spaces down the registration form I was asked to check the box "adopting" or "expecting." At least I was thought of. Ben wasn't with me and I felt out of my element, so I left after registering for several packs of hangers and an organic changing table pad. I know, pretty exciting, right? I feel more comfortable perusing online in the comfort of my own surroundings. No big bellies, No funny stares, no explaining. I don't think I'll brave the store again without Ben. At least, then, someone in the world will understand, and hold my hand through it.


  1. The room and quilt look awesome. So much love poured into it.

  2. Cuteness! Just FYI, when you register online you have a more limited selection. A couple of times I saw things at BRU and went home to add them to my registry online and couldn't find them. Then when you actually go to the store, get the gun and scan them to your registry, they show up in the online registry as "Only available in store." So, drag Ben with you sometime, don't skip that step!

  3. Wow! I'm totally jealous of your sewing skills!! Your nursery is totally coming together. :) :) I agree about the registering but you ARE expecting!

  4. Very cute...isn't it all so fun!!!!

  5. Your nursery is really coming together, and that quilt is adorable. Very rock star!

  6. Those sheets are really cool. I love the polka dots.

  7. lOVIN' that quilt!! Just one warning about registering at BabiesRus, a lot of what they have online they don't carry in stores so you might want to mention that in any shower invites. Also, if you have to return anything that is not carried in the store you have to send it in. Keep the packaging! Lesson learned by yours truly!!! Otherwise they are GREAT about returns and exchanges!!!

    Also, go online to the formula companies and register there so that you can get formula coupons and free samples. Do ALL the formulas 'cause you may have to change formulas a couple or more times - again, lesson learned. We ended up on the ONE formula brand that we hadn't registered for!!!!!

    OH, I am soooooo excited for you!!!
    Becky Jo

  8. I found ToysRUs to be the most accommodating for adopting parents who were registering. I appreciated that about them!!

  9. We registered today too, and I also experienced the weirdness. I'm still processing and deciding what to say about it, but...yeah.

    The bedding looks great, how much do you charge?! :)


  10. It's beautiful!! Great job, you little moneys saver:) I'm so glad you registered; you deserve it! And I did what you did:) I went in and registered...then I went home to do the real shopping online. Congrats, it's another step closer!

  11. That quilt is gorgeous! i am impressed!

    It is good to hear that BRU has an adoption box to check. Have fun adding to your registry.

  12. That quilt is amazing!! I love it. Super pretty. And you are SO SO talented.

    An I'd echo ashley --- you are expecting mama!!


  13. I loved the adoption question, too! It totally put me at ease! By the way - awesome, thrifty job on the bedding. Looks amazing!

  14. You are amazing and your baby is going to be so blessed!

    I love your bedding...can't wait to see it in person!

    Rebekah, your fortitude through this has been admirable! I could understand how one might feel a bit strange about not sporting a bump at BRU...but your heart is so pregnant it is obvious!

    Love you

  15. love love love it!
    ps. i also did a lot of registering at home online...much easier that way!

  16. That quilt is gorgeous. You are so talented, I wish I had an ounce of that in me. Gosh, I am just so amazed by God's glory knowing that his perfect baby for you is in the making right now. That baby is going to be the most blessed child, it's wonderful!

  17. OH goodness that is SOO pretth, you are super duper talented! I love it all.

    Ok, I am working on a small blankie for the baby to be...soon as I saw it I thought of your child and their room. Here is the link. I am working on the black plain blocks and if you want certain colors other wise let me know. I was thinking the green and white. The stars white with a black background or vice versa and the initals black background with green for the letters. :)

    I am so addicted to crocheting right now.. :)

    You tell me the colors and I will make it happen.

    i hope that is a PDF file.