Friday, March 4, 2016

FF: Super Soups & Garlic Parmesan Skillet Bread

Before the cold leaves us for good, I have to get-in all of our new favorite soup recipes of the season! Each one is Pinchback-Family approved (Ben included). And you must try - I mean MUST TRY- the Garlic Parmesan Skillet Bread!

Ham and Bean Soup:
Soup #1 (Great for freezing!)
Ham and Bean Soup from Jamie Cooks it Up!

And you don't have to wait for a holiday to buy ham for your ham bone - I like to rotate ham in every few months! In fact, buying a spiral ham during the off-season is quite inexpensive.

This recipe fed our family twice and was just as yummy from the freezer, months later!

Soup #2  (Ty's favorite)
Pasta Fagoli  from Mrs. Hines' Class

This is a HUGE recipe. It is supposed to be an Olive Garden copycat....but I think it's way better! We cut it by half and still get three meals out of it. If you want to freeze it, you can, but need to cook your pasta separately each time you prepare it.

Crock-Pot Chicken & Dumplings
Soup #3 (Ben's favorite)
Crock-Pot Chicken & Dumplings from Crock Pot Ladies

This is SO easy. 10 minute prep. 6 hours to cook. Perfect for a chilly weekend!

Garlic Parmesan Skillet Bread - refrigerated biscuits chopped and tossed in butter, garlic, italian seasoning and parmesan cheese. Baked in a small iron skillet. Great with pasta. Can also use as an appetizer with some warm pizza sauce. YUM!! I can make a meal out of this yummy bread!
Now, for the Ahhhmazing skillet bread. My boys weren't just lick'n fingers. I had a chorus of compliments: mom-you're-the-best-mom-ever; mom-open-your-own-restaurant; mom-I-want-this-every-night-of-my-life... It's that good. And so, so easy.

Don't freak if you don't have a pretty skillet. I didn't either. I just used one of my stones. Any sort of casserole dish would do.

Garlic Parmesan Skillet Bread from Plain Chicken



  1. Yum!!! Can't wait to try!! I have the copycat recipe for Olive Gardens Zuppa - it's my husband's favorite.

  2. Soup #2 is my favorite! The recipe's, indeed, a bit long and there is so much to do with it, but everyone in my family likes it. Ham and Bean Soup is a bit fatty for me.
    Lillie James (cooking fan)

  3. I made the skillet bread for dinner tonight and my husband and two boys devoured it! I didn't have any Italian seasoning, so I used Italian salad dressing and it came out awesome. Will definitely be making this again.