Monday, June 16, 2014

Tyrus is Five!

How is that even possible?

My baby. My heart.

All of my prayers and dreams laid squealing on Rebekah's tummy, five years ago, today.

I love the bond that Tyrus and I share. We are so similar and like hearted.

Ty is curious and perceptive; tender and forgiving.

I had a work trip, last week, and before I left, I asked the boys if anyone wanted to take a walk with me to the mailbox. They all jumped up in response, but while the other two raced down the road, my tender heart said, "Mom...can I just hold your hand? I'm really going to miss you." Minutes later, we all said our goodbyes, and while everyone headed back to the house, my baby boy ran back and asked for one last hug. I held him tight and choked back tears.

He rubs my back and often asks if I'm okay. He's the first to help, first to show compassion, and the first to problem solve a solution.

God gave Tyrus the exact heart that was needed to be a part of this unconventional family. He openly accepts new siblings without question, argument, or insecurity. He shares his life, parents, and bedroom with joy and never complains.

Hardworking and level-headed, my sweet boy fills my heart with pride.

I smile and marvel at his spirit. The man I know he will become.

One day I was watching him, drinking in the moment, thinking about how sad I will be when he allows another girl to hold his heart. He asked me what I was thinking about and I shared my fear that he would grow-up and not need me anymore. Since that day, he offers reassurance, "Mama, I am going to marry Eva (my best friend's daughter), but I will call you every day" or "Mom, you don't ever have to be sad when I buy my own house, I will always come visit."

My Ty is a built in ego-boost. Everything is extraordinary to him. "Mom, this is the best dinner I've ever had"; "Mom, you are the best painter in the whole world"; "Mom, you are the bestest mom"; "Mom, this is the best day of my whole life." He walks out life with a full heart and positive attitude. It's more than a little contagious.

God used this boy to bring life to my barren heart and to birth a dream in my spirit for our family to come. My gratitude is of the greatest depth.

It's such a privilege to raise these little jewels of treasure. The days go fast, but I hold onto the moments the best I can.

Happy birthday to my lovie! It's going to be a great day full of simple surprises and favorite things!


  1. Tyrus is a remarkable, sweet 5 yr old, and I really enjoy hearing about how God has blessed you, Tyrus, your entire family, and his first-mom Rebekah with one another.


  2. Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Tyrus! May God bless you and your family richly!

  3. 5 years old?! I just can't believe it! I've followed you through it all. From wanting a child to now having 4. And you've been faithful through it all. You've been an inspiration for me especially as I go through my own fertility struggles. Love to you all! And Happy Birthday Ty!

  4. HaPpY 5th BiRtHdAy TyRuS!! Hope you have a fantastic day:)

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby (yet big) boy!!!

  6. " "Mama, I am going to marry Eva (my best friend's daughter), but I will call you every day" or "Mom, you don't ever have to be sad when I buy my own house, I will always come visit."" ha ha!!! Oh my this made me laugh.... What a blessing from God. Annointed little man, Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Ty! 5 years old is such a great age to be, you rock it!

  8. I am still in awe of what God did for all of you five years ago. The story of how He brought you together is beautiful and the story He has written since is amazing. He always know what we need.

  9. Can't believe the boys are 5!!! Love this story and love your family.
    Eva tells me she is going to marry Ty, so they are on the same page! Love those two! So glad we get to raise kids together. Love you friend!

  10. Happy birthday little guy!! What beautiful words about your sweet boy.

  11. Happy 5th to Ty! I can't believe it's been that long since I've been following your blog. Boys are amazing w/ their mama's. Enjoy!

  12. Im slowly getting caught up on your blog. I have missed so much. Where have I been?? I love you all!!