Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 49

We finished our profile!!! Here's the rest of what we've come up with. Again, please give us honest feedback if you think we should revamp anything, before we send it to our caseworker. We are still working on getting two more pictures. One for Ben's section and one more vertical. Is there anything we've left out? Does our profile summarize us well?

Ben Loves . . .

…Rebekah…playing sports with friends…pizza…rocking out on guitar…making people laugh… watching movies…golfing with his dad…the smell of fresh cut grass…walking around big cities…working out…riding through the woods on a mountain bike…chess…70 degree days…ducks…soft pretzels dipped in cream cheese…recording music…his mom…football…getting a good deal…coffeehouses…road trips…driving with the windows down…suspense novels…pool volleyball…growing vegetables in the backyard…having friends over for dinner…sports in HD…ice cream…long snowmobiling weekends with the guys…buying presents for his wife…going to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play…Magglio Ordonez…adventures…chocolate milk...loud music…live concerts…Gatorade…things that go fast…jeans and a t-shirt…king sized Paydays… Mr. Moo (his cat)…sleeping in on Saturdays…roasting his world-famous Thanksgiving turkey.

Our Faith

. It seems like such a simple word to describe what has truly defined and shaped our lives as individuals and as a married couple. We are actively involved in our church, but believe our true role is outside the church. We aim to live love poured out. Whether opening doors for a mom with her hands full or smiling a word of encouragement to the cashier with a long line of agitated shoppers, we strive to live His love out loud. Jesus was not pompous or arrogant or selfish. He did not come to be served, but to serve and we do our best to live up to the call. Worshipping our Creator comes easy as he holds our breath in His hands. We’ve had the privilege of growing up in the church and our lives have been marked by His grace and faithfulness.

Our Story

Roaring Twenties Costume Party

It has been a long journey trying to figure out what we want to be when we “grow up,” but we’re finally starting to get somewhere, as we both work toward our Master degrees. Ben is a mechanical engineer with a brilliant mind and even better people skills. He may work toward management or teaching, but he's always secretly pursuing his dream of being a rock star. Rebekah is currently working as an office manager at a local college. When her degree is completed she hopes to teach at a nearby University, as this will allow her more flexibility in raising a family. Rebekah also loves to write and is hopeful that she will be a published author someday. We chose adoption after years of struggling with infertility. The years were marked with gut-wrenching heartache as our desire to be “mom” and “dad” remained unfulfilled. The adoption process has renewed our hope as we excitedly wait for God’s perfect timing. We’re not sure what the rest of life holds for us, but at 26 and 28, we enjoy each day as it comes. Our dreams include raising a family and traveling the world. We have yet to travel globally, but have enjoyed both sides of the coast, nationally. We have a major love affair with big cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto, but also enjoy God's landscapes. From Floridian beaches to the red rocks of Sedona, we love finding new vacation spots.

It’s difficult to throw our life on paper and to express just how much the gift of a child will mean to us.
We have an incredible marriage, wonderful families, and even better friends. A couple of years ago, Ben’s grandparents took all the grandchildren out for an amazing steak dinner. Before we ate, Grandpa called everyone’s attention and looked down both sides of the table. With arms spread wide, he said, “I have worked my whole life for this…” The gesture brought tears to our eyes as we understood his meaning. He had poured his life into his children, who then multiplied his love into their children. We hope to carry on the same amazing legacy.


  1. Wow. I love the story at the brought tears to my eyes too!

    Rebekah, this is perfect. Seriously, I don't really know what "they" are looking for...but what you have written is memorable and lasting.

  2. I think it is perfect for who you are looking for. I think it will help them find you.

  3. VERY GOOD! Very simple, very warm, VERY GOOD :)! You did a terrific job. I'd pick you. O-kay, you can have Maddy.

    LOL...Love you forever.

  4. lovin' it! Especially Grandpa...

  5. Rebekah, it is REALLY good. I don't have any constructive criticism for you, because I think it is unique, honest and memorable. I love the part about your grandfather!

  6. Interesting that these comments were written about the grandfather you named your son after, almost one year to the day.

    God is good.