Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 34

I've been a little lax on the blogging because I've had my head buried in my pillow for most of the week. I had a little bout of the good old influenza. It was pretty miserable actually, but I got a bunch of reading in. On the adoption front, we heard from our case worker, Jodi. She is actually leading our class on trans-racial families tomorrow, so we'll get to meet her and answer some preliminary questions. I will be having a little heart-to-heart with her to ask that she call my cell phone opposed to Ben's. So far all contact has been through Ben, and let's just say he isn't as detailed as I am when it comes to discussing conversations and asking questions...

We have both our classes this week. I am excited to have some interaction with the agency as well as check two more steps off our list!

In other random mind has been whirling in a thousand directions (even with congestion!) as I think about our future. Here's whats on my mind:

Randomness #1
Going "green." A little shout out to Jen's Blog (Anxiously Searching). She was singing the praises of a book called "Big Green Purse," and inspired me to purchase it. I have never been one to side with the hippie tree-huggers...but in the last several months I have been disgusted by the amount of waste that our small family (of 2!) produces. I have slowly been making changes in terms of recycling (which cut our trash in half!), using my own bags at the grocery store, buying local, changing out our light bulbs, growing our own food, etc. It has definitely been a progression, but now I'm getting hooked! I am currently trying to rid our lives of BPA and will soon be introducing more natural products into our household (starting with all beauty and cleaning products). Just so you don't think I've gone off the deep end, here's my official stance: I am not concerned with global warming. God created the earth, it won't be destroyed until God says it's time. It is however, our responsibility to take care of what we've been given. I believe that living green offers immeasurable health benefits that will echo through our lifetime. I am not jumping on every trend bandwagon, but I will be making educated decisions on what's best for our family. Many of the decisions I'm making will save us loads of money in the long run, as well as offer satisfaction in knowing that we're doing "our part." I've made three decisions thus far for our baby: cloth diapers (had to pass it by the mom-in-law because she'll be watching the baby until I'm done with my Master's. She gave us the green light and was more than happy to oblige!), glass bottles, and chemical free/natural beauty and bath products. Because we have nothing baby, the decision to start out green is easy--nothing to replace!

Randomness #2
The Nursery. I'm torn between "Cow Chic--Moo la la" and "Sophisticated Simplicity." I'm not really a baby-decor person...I have a strong aversion to cartoon characters and pastels. Ben happens to love cows so it seemed the natural choice...but I'm having second thoughts. I absolutely love our house and have worked hard over the last few years to mold it into homey, magazine-ready perfection. The house flows well and I feel like a baby-themed nursery stops the trend. Instead, I'm thinking of using a natural grass-cloth wallpaper (similar to a linen look) with dark furniture, large wall frames for the pictures to come, and earthy elements (rich/warm colors)...and then if I want to add baby elements in I can. For me this type of room would serve two purposes, 1) the door can be left open and the room will be an extension of the house and 2) when the baby is 4/5 they won't need new room decor--perhaps just a change of elements. I'm still giving the idea some thought.

Randomness #3
I saw three very pregnant women, today. It's amazing to finally feel a part of the crowd.

Randomness #4
I am madly in love with my husband...I'm talking about throw-down, I'd-give-anything-to-be-with-him-right-now, can't-take-my-eyes-off-of-him, scream from the mountain love. We celebrate six years on Sunday and I couldn't imagine a better life. After 4 years of dating I was more than ready to be with him...but when I look at him today....oh man! His heart and smarts are all fine and good...but He has been a rockstar athlete of late. He's training for an intense bike race at the end of the year; the more chiseled he looks the weaker my knees become. I am so taken I feel like the same giddy girl who kissed him for the very first time.


  1. Alright, so "moo la la" totally cracked me up! Did you come up with that phrase yourself? But your earth-tone idea sounds gorgeous...very Pottery Barn Baby. I love the large frame idea. I am soooo excited for you! Can I come to your classes??

    :) Love,

  2. How wonderful that you are so in love with your husband after so many years. I am looking forward to travel the road to adoption with you.

  3. I want to come to...

    I love the cow theme. The green (if you split the walls still) would still tie it in to your house. I am sure what ever you decide will be beautiful because you are so talented. I would love to make the bedding for you (although I know you could do it yourself as well :)

  4. I think you'll like the glass bottles. Our little man never got sick those first few months, and I attribute much of that to Dr. Brown's!

  5. I vote for Moo La La. I think it could still tie into the rest of the house- especially using green. For godsakes-- nearly your whole house is green in one shade or another...what's not to match? Besides, by the time you get all the other baby necessities filled up in there, it's going to look like a nursery-- no other way to spin it. (trust this, from a girl who has silk organza bedding, crystal chandeliers w/feather shades, ivory chenille furniture, and sheepskin all it's over-the-top-glamour, it STILL looks like a baby room) On another note, look into gDiapers ( they're the best of both worlds or so they say...the "hybrid" of diapers if you will. It's an outer cloth pant with a plastic-free lining that is 100% biodegradable, and that can be flushed. I'm with you on the green movement, but dunking poopies in the toilet is yucky-- whether your a tree hugger or not. Oh, and last but not least, my doc recommended Doc Brown bottles too. There are a few types of plastic that don't harbor chemicals-- but glass is cool and retro...just breakable! You'll figure it out. P.S. had an OB appt today...I'm 3 cm and 100% effaced. Oh boy....

  6. Thank you for the "shout out" I feel so honored! Your thoughts are exactly mine as far as not going off the deep end, just little changes a little at a time. My biggest thing now is trying not to be wasteful, so i am using up what i had already bought instead of just pitching it, but it seems to be taking forever! I can proudly say this weeks garbage at the crib was barely anything at all! Composting and recycling are really easier than most think!

  7. Bek, a good friend of mine just tried the gDiapers Rachael mentioned and loves them! You can order them online, but there is a store in Birmingham (Plum Market) that actually carries them cheaper (who would have thought in Birmingham???)! I'm going to check them out this week.

    Love you!