Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday is coming.

We had a good day, today. It started with the most meaningful Palm Sunday service I've ever been to. Our service ended with this powerful video. It's three and a half minutes, but worth every second. If you're like me, your insides (and maybe outsides) will be shouting YES, by the end. Given our week with LJ, I was moved by what my Jesus did for me and encouraged that although it feels like Friday...Sunday, with my new son, is coming.

Take a minute (or three) to be encouraged:


This was the exact encouragement I needed to get through my day and week.

Sundays in the Pinchback home are usually our "get ready for the week day" and we typically spend the afternoon grocery shopping and cleaning. Ben and I decided that the boys would benefit from special individual time, so Ty (who we've affectionately deemed Alpha) went with Ben and LJ (Bravo) stayed with me.

Ben works in a sea of acronyms (government) and thought code names would be appropriate. It worked out handy, today, because we were able to discuss them at dinner without them being any the wiser! Anyway, Bravo and I had a really good time at home. I let him help me load the dishwasher, set the table, and start dinner. He was so excited to contribute, he seemed to forget how much he likes to throw fits. When Ben and Alpha came running through the door (okay, just Ty was running), LJ rushed to him and hugged him and grabbed Ben's hand, saying, "Look. I set the table!"

I had no idea that such a small task would make him feel so proud. Victory! We're going to focus time on these tasks, this week.

After dinner, I was sitting on the couch with both boys. We have been talking about our similarities to help connect with one another. I've been telling the boys that they share the same beautiful dark eyes. Ty said, "Mom, look. Me and LJ have the same eyes!"

"I know isn't that cool?

Ty: "Mom, what else is the same?"

"Well...Ty, you and mama have the same dark hair."

Ty: "LJ, Me and mommy have the same hair!"

"And LJ...You and mama have the same squishy nose."

LJ: "The same nose?"

"Yup. Look at how they smush (I demonstrated with my finger)."

LJ got the closest he's ever been and smushed his nose right into mine, staring intently at my eyes. And then he shocked me by giving a sloppy, wet kiss (while continuing to smash my nose)!

My heart soared at the first real moment of connection.

We still had tantrums and tears, today, but the assurance of progress made all the difference.

At bedtime, LJ was glued to me. We read several books and sang songs - some silly, some serious. I love the below picture that Ben captured. It says so much about our relationship, right now. He will let me hold his hand and sing and pray with him, but his demeanor is always the same. Very somber.

I pray for the day that I see freedom in those beautiful eyes. Freedom from his past and hope for his future. It will take some time to dig it out, but I know that God is singing over him.

He'll hear it one of these days...and his life will never be the same.

I am praising God, tonight, for this week, his Son, and that our Sunday is only around the corner.


  1. Thank you for this post. I needed the reminder of the small victories.
    (my daughter, also dark skinned, will tell people that the only difference between us is that she's black and I'm skinny!) Gotta love the way kids think!
    I'm prayting for your Sunday!

  2. That picture is beautiful. Praying for you and your sweet family!!! And your Sunday.

  3. Praise GOD!! The picture is PRICELESS:). Thanks for always sharing so honestly. Mollie (Ohio)

  4. Such a sweet moment captured. Praying for your Sunday!

  5. Rebekah, I love reading your blog and when you speak about Christ, it almost always makes me cry because you are so dead-on with how well you know our God. I love it. I am so happy that you are writing these days. And you are so correct. Time will heal wounds with LJ and he will come to LOVE your family. What a lucky little boy to have you and Ben (and Ty) in his life. Its Awesome and so are you.
    Amy from Chicago.

  6. I love the Alpha Bravo thing. That is so cute.

  7. Love hearing all these tidbits of how things are going! The picture is precious!

  8. Such a beautiful post and a beautiful moment! I too am glad you write about all these details. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  9. I enjoy reading your blog, but one thing has troubled me. I read the part about Alpha and Bravo. It, on the surface, seems cute, but I beg you to realize what message you are sending there. Especially given the other problems you are having. Alpha has a connotation of being stronger, preferred, and more dominant. This poses several problems as you are sending a message that the first child is preferred, especially since LJ has been in foster care. Also, with different races and cultures, this is a very dangerous path to go down. They may not know the labels now, but children pick up on more than you know and they will know this.