Friday, April 27, 2012


I am so proud of my boys.

Their ability to love and adapt, with few questions asked, is remarkable. Their relationship turned a corner, this week, as both of them realized the other one was staying - for good.

They have become brothers in every sense of the word. They march and wrestle and chase dinosaurs. Ty pushes LJ to do "big boy" things, like him (removing shoes, going potty, getting dressed), and LJ encourages Ty to run harder, jump higher, and take more risks. They whisper long into the night about everything under the moon and come unhinged with giggles when one of them has gas.

They always want to sit together, sleep together, and take their baths together.

Of course, not all their behavior is good as they do create trouble together, mimic bad behaviors together, and throw toys at each other...but at the end of the day they're brothers.

When they bump their heads or knock their knees, they ask the other to kiss their boo-boo and continue on with playing.

They are awesome and fun and more bonded than any of us.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful post!!! Love to hear this, brings tears to my eyes, I am so happy for you all but especially your two little boys- what a blessing!

  2. So so so sweet. The innocence seen through a child's eyes is simply, so beautiful.

  3. isnt it funny how easily kids forgive and love? gotta love how simple things are to them.

    he's my brother now? ok!

  4. Watching brothers love each other is the best!!

  5. God is answering your prayers....and Ty is going to help LJ heal...PRAYERS!

  6. That post makes my eyes welly!

    Love it!

    Praying for you all still! Can't wait to see how God continues to weave this whole story together in all of your lives!

    Lisa in CA

  7. Awesome!! God is so good!!!

  8. I'm so glad things are progressing so well. I love the word "Brother," don't you?

  9. Don't you just love when ppl ask if the kids are "real" siblings? I am always asked if my girls are "real sisters" or response is always "yes" for the reasons you shared. Yes, the fight, yes they love each other, yes they pull hair, yes they have a hard time sharing toys, yes they love to kiss and cuddle. THIS IS REAL!!! :)

  10. I love that quote. I am painting it on the wall in my boys room. Beautiful.

  11. Hi there. just wanted to say thinking of you. hope all's going well in your ongoing transition to a family of four. looking forward to your update when you have a chance.