Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Brother

On the way home from church, tonight, Ty said to me, "Mom. I have an idea! We should take one of the car seats from your car and put it in daddy's van. In the back row."

"We should? Who would sit there if we did that?"

"Our new brother."

"You mean, LJ? But, he's sitting next to you."

"No, mom. LJ and I want another brother."

I laughed out loud.

"Ty, I'm so happy to hear that you love your brother so much that you want another one! Why don't you teach LJ how to pray for the next member of our family...just like we prayed for him!"

For the record, we've asked for six months with LJ, before our agency contacts us again, but I am so thankful that my firstborn has such a passion for people. God is going to use that kid.


  1. Aww, that is SO sweet. Have just loved reading your blog lately btw - your story is profoundly beautiful and I tear up reading almost every post. Know you are being thought of and prayed for daily.

  2. That is just so cool. I had my husband start reading your story yesterday and he was all choked up! Loved reading it and was telling me what a great writer you are. Thanks again for being such a great example. We are praying Psalm 26 for you guys...Level ground!

  3. So incredibly sweet, and I love seeing your story unfold!

  4. Seriously...Ty has a heart that is so ready to love people. He is the most UNselfish little willing to allow people in. What a great example of Gods love. Im so so proud of him.


    1. Me too, Rebekah! God has given him such a sweet, tender heart...

  5. Ty is so unselfish and his heart is definitely big. That's beautiful that he wants another brother :)
    Best to all of you always!
    God is good!

  6. Rebekah I rarely comment, but read every. single. post. The rawness in your writing is beautiful and compelling. I would love to know you in real life, as I am sure that you really do have as big of a heart and as convicted a soul that I feel in your writing. You are an inspiration!

    Sweet LJ is blessed to have the three of you, and God could not have created a better earthly family for him, someday he will see it too!

    I am praying for stillness in LJ's heart, a quiet peace that would allow him to really see his surroundings and know that he is safe and loved.

    You are wonderful, Rebekah! Keep trudging through the mud. Jesus will be there to scrub away the dirt and reveal the beautiful, stronger, four of you on the other side!