Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living Beyond Me

I am one big baby. Apart from Christ, there is very little I can do in my own strength when it comes to physical pain. I don't like to be uncomfortable, blood and needles freak me out, and even the slightest of scrapes send me into a fainting tizzy. [You can imagine how well I handled infertility treatments].

My mantra this year is live simpler, buy less, and give more.

When it comes to the giving part, I never have to go out of my way to look for opportunities. They're all around me - when I'm looking through the eyes of Christ.

Every place I walk, ever person I meet is a chance to extend love and grace. Not always easy. Not always obvious.

A few months ago, one of the professors on our campus found out that he needed a bone marrow transplant. One morning, in chapel, the president asked every student and staff member in attendance to get tested. As he discussed the details a roar of a "YES" jumped to my throat, but I quietly walked back to my office.

A thousand thoughts ran through my head. What would happen if I was the match? I hardly knew this man...would a transplant be painful? How much time would I have to take off work? Would it be painful? How long would I be away from Ty? Would it be painful? Would my health be at risk? Would it be painful? Would I get sick? Did I mention how much desperate I was to know if it would be painful???

I immediately went to Be The Match to gather as much information as I could. The gut in me continued to shout YES.

I spent the last few weeks thinking it all through, praying, and talking to Ben. In the end, I couldn't turn my back on the possibility of saving a life. No matter how uncomfortable the process might be for me. Selfish thoughts, I know.

I think about my boy and the horror it would be to ever hear that he needed such a transplant. If I were in those shoes, I would be dependent on others answering the shout in their hearts.

So, I did it. I ordered my testing kit, swabbed my cheeks (no needles involved!), and sent my bio-hazard off in the prepaid envelope.

It feels good to live beyond me. Beyond what I feel capable of doing in my own strength.

I might get called next month or next year or never. Whatever the case may be, I'm open to wherever God can use me.

I would encourage you, this week, to take an opportunity available to live beyond you.

See what God will do.

For more information on bone marrow donation, please visit the official registry at Be The Match. I'm proud to announce that the man in need of the transplant had a match much quicker than the time it took me to weigh through the pros and cons. He has had his transplant and is on the long road of recovery.

If you find yourself living beyond you, this week, please come back and tell us or send me an email so we can be encouraged!

Go and give more.
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