Monday, May 10, 2010


A couple of months ago, we were compelled to sponsor a ten year old, Kenyan boy named Baraka (Swahili for blessing), through Compassion International. This sweet young man has changed our family more than he'll ever know. His little life has begun a revolution in mine. A revolution of change. Living simpler. Wanting less. Giving more.

When I go to the fridge I wonder, "What has Baraka eaten, today?" When I want to buy Tyrus a new pair of shoes I think about how differently Baraka's family would use that money.

Baraka lives in an AIDS community and his family of 10 struggles for food and work.
It's really important to us that Ty grows up with an enlarged worldview. We want his heart to overflow love and generosity.

We do not want him to live in excess.

The Lord has been challenging me on this, in every area of our life, and in coming days I'll be talking about it more.

We have written Baraka twice now, sending along pictures and stickers for him to enjoy. This week we received our first letter back! Our hearts swelled as we read the words written by our little buddy.

He told us how happy he was to have us in his life....that he is hoping to be a policeman, someday...and that he "longs" to hear from us. He closed his letter by promising to pray for our family, asking if we'd pray for his.

I praise God for this opportunity. I knew our monthly donation was going to change the course of Baraka's life, but I wasn't prepared for it changing mine...

For $38 a month you, too, can change the life of a child. Please consider it. And look for the photos with red hearts -those children have been waiting the longest. I'm not getting paid by Compassion or receiving any sort of kudos for promoting their organization. I, simply, love my Savior and the way Compassion shows it.

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