Monday, May 10, 2010

All in a Day of Planting

My first Mother's Day. Before the morning dawned, I was welcomed into the privileged club in a most unusual manner. Without notice, in the middle of the night, Ty became violently ill. The kind of ill that makes your heart race and eyes tear. Nothing I did satisfied my baby's cries. It was part teething, part horrific cold. Ben and I spent the night taking 2 hour shifts. Rocking, holding, singing, praying.

It was round two or three that I cried and thanked God for the opportunity to mother the wheezing, feverish boy in my arms. It truly is a privilege.

The night's activities took their toll, but despite the exhaustion, Ben still woke up and made me a Queenly breakfast - and served it in bed. The gifts and recognition were nice, but the words he wrote will stay in my heart forever.

There were two cards. Both brought tears.

Excerpt from Ty: "Thank you for being my mama...for making me food...for giving me kisses...for staying up all night when I'm sick...for always dressing me so nice...for doing my hair...for taking me to the park...for being so nice to Miss Rebekah...for doing things that no one else could...for taking such sweet pictures of me...for working so hard so we can be together more in the future...for loving daddy...for being you..."

Excerpt from Ben: "You do everything just how Ty and I like it best, and you make both of us better than we are. My favorite part is how we're in this together and how you tackle every challenge head on. You never take the easy road, and I know Ty will grow up being a hard-working, godly man, who always strives to do his best. You were born for love, my wife, my helpmate. You deserve this day."

We didn't leave the house and spent the day napping/recuperating. While Ty slept in 3-4 hour chunks, Ben and I decided to enjoy the sunshine by planting our garden.

We live in a condo, so our garden is potted by nature. You'd be surprised by what we can grow in a pot! Beans, peas, lettuce, various peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, green onion, chives, and herbs by the multiple.

Ben and I love doing it together and watching our seeds grow. When the fruit starts to multiply the sense of pride is astounding.

I can't wait to teach Ty life lessons via the garden. Patience and tenderness and hard work are all keys to our gardening success. How sweet it will be to watch Ty enjoy the fullness of our efforts, this year.

Ben is already talking about his fresh garden salsa. Yum.

We've learned from past garden tragedies. Peppers from seed don't bloom in time. We buy all our pepper and tomato plants to give them a head start.

I treasure my time with Ben. If I'm a good mother, it's because he's such a good husband. Spending our day in dirt was better than any night-on-the-town date.

Last year's green onion and chives made their way from the dead and got an early bloom in, tucked away in the safety of the garage.

When the garden was complete I spent time on my flowers. My petunias come in waves and make my heart happy.

After a day of rest Ty is feeling much better and slept through the night without issue.

Right before I signed off for bed, I read these words from Rebekah, "I've celebrated many mothers days in my fourteen years of motherhood, but I'm not thinking of myself this morning. What truly makes me smile THIS mother's day is thinking about someone else that is celebrating her first mother's day. I wish I was with her to give her a big hug. So today, I celebrate my mom and Rebekah. Thank you mom for being a wonderful mother to me, and thank you Rebekah for being such a wonderful mother to our little boy."

I love my life.
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