Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogger Love Needed

Please go love on Hope. She is a dear blogger friend in desperate need of our support. Here are the only rules - you are not allowed to tell her to "trust God" for her family or that "God has a plan." Those lines are completely over used in this community and fall on deaf ears, when those ears also have broken hearts.

Thank you for showing your support!


  1. I just left her a comment. I have goosebumps all over my body. The woman she described sounds a lot like the Rebecca who was responsible for the April Rose scam a few months back as well as countless others. Google April Rose and you'll find a cached version of the blog where she claimed to be pregnant with a terminally ill baby. She was never pregnant. So, so sad for your friend.

  2. Thank you for letting us know. We went through a failed placement about 5 1/2 years ago and it was without doubt the most painful point of our adoption journey. Blessings to Hope and to all those who are enduring trials on their way to becoming a family.

  3. What an awful experience for her and her family!! I left a comment, I hope she doesn't give up on adoption. How do you pick up the pieces after THAT and go on?? What a sick person to go through a charade like that, and raise their hopes...

  4. I am with punk rock chic on this one. This gave me chills when i read it. The woman of the april rose scam name is
    Rebecca beushausen and she is from IL. There is another blog called which documents the scams that this girl did including adoption scams.
    I hope she finds some peace.

  5. It makes me sick, just sick.

    I think it is so important for ppl to remember...this is a CON ARTIST...not a birth mother. Con artists = evil. Birth mothers = not evil. Ugh.

  6. Thank you so much Rebecca. The prayers, encouragement - all the comments have been a balm to our weary lives right now. We won't give up, but we just aren't sure where we will head next. Private adoption is out for us for now. Too many uncertainties. Still unsure if this Rebecca is one and the same with the other one. UGH

    Thanks again! Love to you and yours.