Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 317

Rebekah got to see Baby Boy on the big screen, again, today!! He was being a little stinker and didn't want to show his face for the camera, but we can see his nice healthy spine, here (and his little ear!):

He may have been shy about showing his face to the world, but wouldn't you know, he had no problem showing his goods...such a boy. I haven't seen many of these before...but doesn't it look unusually large? When I shared it with Ben he was quick to respond with, "He'll fit right in with our family then!"...again, such a boy.

His Renal Pelvic Dilatation is still present on his left kidney, but has corrected itself on the right. The doctor is monitoring him closely, but seems to think he will be fine. Rebekah said he was "moving and grooving," and kicking all about when the doctor was trying to get pictures, causing Rebekah to giggle [how cute]. Baby Boy is breach, but I guess that's normal [I really know nothing about these things]. Rebekah doesn't have swelling and her blood pressure medication seems to be helping! So, overall both Mom and Baby are happy and healthy.

I will be having a little heart-to-heart with Baby Boy, however, when we go out to meet Rebekah and her family over Easter. Poor Rebekah is not getting any sleep with Baby Boy using her womb as his own personal jungle gym!

It's been such a great day! I got to see my little man lucky am I? I got to talk to my sweet Rebekah...again, how lucky am I? And I received an email from Rebekah's daughter that had me rolling on the ground laughing, while crying at the same time.

Rebekah's daughter and I have been emailing back and forth. She's almost 13 and, naturally, questions the adoption as she works out her teenage emotions. Her emails crack me up because she is such a free spirit and reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. Up until this point, our emails have been pretty light and know, clothes, school, music, etc. Today, however, she wrote me a really sweet note asking if we could be friends through life. She's seeing a counselor right now to help process the adoption and asked me if I would mind being her friend when she's done talking with her counselor. I hate to quote someone without their permission (I did ask her mom!) but, this is too priceless to re-phrase. After asking me if I would be her "grown up" friend she said... "i kinda wanted to consider you my 2nd mother know...your going to own my brother. What do you say?"

Well, who could turn down an offer like that?

I am honored that she would even want me to be her grown-up friend. I am so priveleged that I have earned the confidence of this precious, precious young girl....I told Rebekah about our shared email and asked her how she felt about it (after we laughed, of course)...She was so thankful that her daughter is reaching out, as she's been the most distant through the adoption.

I love the story God is weaving together in our lives and although it's too good to put down (and I furiously want to read the last page), I'm soaking in every word...every page...every moment.

I never knew life to be this good.


  1. Ohhh...I love it!!!! Goose bumps ALL over!!! Love ya!

    P.S. He's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. Rebekah...
    I am so happy for you! I can hear the joy in you words and the "happy" in your heart! My only question to you... how in the world can you think about anything else besides baby boy throughout each day???

    I can't imagine what you are going through right now... the emotions, the anticipation, the pure happiness and joy.

    I can, however, say that reading your posts uplift me. They bring me a true sense of hope and help me nourish the fleeting and wavering patience that I am desperately trying to sustain!

    I am so glad that we have this opportunity to share... I can't wait to hear what the next page is all about!

    Have a super day and keep smiling!!!!!

    It is YOUR turn, YOUR time to be showered with all good things; God is delivering! I hope you soak in every detail, every ounce of joy until you are completely, 100% saturated, and then more...

    Hugs and support, my friend
    ... Julie G :)

  3. What a precious story. I love to see how the Lord is orchastrating all of this.

  4. I needed some "goodness" this morning, I am so happy for you. I remember a few weeks ago when I would click on your blog I would pray before I hit the link I wanted you to be a mama so bad and now I feel so blessed to get to be "a part of" this beautiful story.

  5. This story just keeps getting better :)

  6. My husband said the same thing about the boy parts and THEY APPEAR EVEN BIGGER WHEN HE COMES OUT....I think he grows into them because they seem more proportional now!

    You are in a very unique position what with the birthmom already having kids that will know about the adoption. K was only 18 and this was her first. So, it will be interesting to see how those relationships devolop. God Bless!

  7. Love the pic of baby boy!!!

    Love that R's daughter wants to be friends with you. I will tell you after spending time with S's entire family at the hospital last week...we all are family.

  8. God is SO good! How awesome that you are able to have a relationship with her daughter as well!

    I am keeping ALL of you in my prayers!!!!

  9. Rebekah, this is just amazing really....this connection that God has granted you and your family and Rebekah's is truly his work....I just love reading what is coming next...
    your boy is beautiful, just perfect!

    m :)

  10. This made me cry. -K

  11. Wow. that is really powerful! Congrats on all ends. It really is awesome that you are making such an impression on their whole family, which in turn will become part of yours. How awesome!

  12. I have been reading your blog for a excited for you! I have a friend that has adopted and something came to me tonight while I was reading yours. Some people may see this as a strange situation and something that they would "never" do and question how you are able to do it. My friend said to me "The more people to love this child, the better. And as long as it works for us...we will let it happen." I feel like that is what you are doing and I don't think there could be a more beautiful story. Congratulations!

  13. Totally normal to be breech at this stage...they don't normally settle into a head-down position until around 32 weeks...when their noggens become too heavy and succomb to gravity! Cutie little glad you got to see him again! :)

    Ps. I thought the same thing about Baby Carney's "parts"...maybe it's the ultrasound angle???

  14. That is really special to hear that the 13 y/o sister wants to have a relationship with you. How awesome!

    And Baby Boy is too cute!

  15. I smile every time I read your blog!

    It is definitely normal for baby boy's parts to be swollen (it's normal for girl parts to be swollen, too!). The reason is for all the hormones.

  16. I also wanted to comment on Rebekah's daughter! What a blessing to not only have Rebekah and baby boy--- you've got a whole other family now!!! You're very blessed!

  17. Your section about the man parts had me are going to have your hands full with a house full of men, LOL!

    That is so sweet about Rebekah's daughter...what an honor really, WOW!!

    I am so excited for you and all this amazing news. :)



  18. Reading this blog post makes me feel even BETTER about you becoming a mother to this little boy! What a beautiful connection God is weaving between your two families.

  19. Just amazing... thank you for sharing those ultrasounds. I think I'm finally seeing babies when I look at them (it used to be like looking at one of those 3D puzzles lol).

  20. What a cute story! Not sure if it helps but my nephew who is now 7 had the same renal thing when my sister was pregnant, and it corrected itself as well during her pregnancy.

  21. At some point, can you tell us alittle more about your nursery. I just LOVE it - and would love to know where you found all those wonderful items. I love reading about you and the happy wonderful things that are all working out for you...God has wonderful plans for us all.

  22. I love the ultra sound pics and the story about her daughter :)

  23. Ultrasounds are such a thrill. I'm a little sad that I've had my last one. I won't actually "see" her again until she's born! As for the boy parts picture, I had to laugh. Our girl was very cooperative, too. I told Bob he could not post that one online though. When she's older, I didn't want to have to tell her that her excited parents posted a picture of her "privates" on the Web for all to see! A boy wouldn't care though. ;-)

  24. So neat that you got to see more ultrasound pics AND that you and Ben get to meet Rebekah and her family over Easter!! I bet you can hardly wait!!!

    That's so touching what R.'s daughter wrote to you. I can hardly imagine how hard it must be for her to know that her baby brother will be growing up apart from her. I hope that you all can keep in touch!