Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 336

Things are still unsettled with the new agency and attorney. We decided not to sign anything until we get a little negotiating in (can't hurt, right?) There have been a few unprofessional moments, on their end, over the past week (and I mean UNPROFESSIONAL), so we were able to go in with both guns ablaz'n. After three days of no response, I sent a very pointed email to all parties involved and reminded them that even though they've started conversations with Rebekah without a signed contract (unprofessional issue #1) we have in no way committed to using their services. Ben read my email and said "God help the unfortunate soul that tries to stand between us and our son." You've got that right.

Now that I feel like we're back in the driver's seat, I've been able to take a deep breath and get back to the fun part of preparing for baby boy!

It's begining to look a lot like BABY...Everywhere you go
(in our house!)

Cousin Nya decided to share her little baby spa - as lovingly named by my BFF when she saw all its bells and whistles- with her new soon-to-be cousin! I love its presence in our living room and can't wait to see baby boy swinging/rocking/vibrating/lulling to sleep in it! Thanks, Nya!

I did a little shopping with my sisters this weekend and stumbled upon a Children's Place Palace...and I DO mean palace. I have never seen anything so grandiose in all my life...okay, well grandiose in terms of shopping! I later learned that it's a Children's Place Megastore and only 10 exist in the country. Thank you, Jesus, there's one within driving distance from our house! Check out all this loot:

Cute stuff, right? It's even cuter when you know the price. All three hats were $ .99, the sweatshirts were $2.99...and everything else? $1.99!!!!!!! You better believe I'll be making four trips a year! (This was their end of season sale)

A sale may seem trivial...but God has a great habit of making my heart smile, just when I need it most. After another full day of not hearing from our new attorney and agency, I was frustrated to the max. Until I came home to this...

My sweet, sweet bloggy friend, Dori, sent me a box bursting with baby boy clothes! And they're the cutest little clothes you've ever seen. Look at how sweet...

And boy, oh boy, THE SHOES! I've been going ga-ga for shoes, lately, I just can't get enough. They are SO stinking cute!

I literally cried as I unpacked the box. It wasn't just the was the hope my friend brought me, today...knowing that her sweet miracle son wore the same overalls, the same onesies...the same shoes...only a few months ago.

Our miracle is coming...And Ben's right. Nothing can stand in the way of us bringing our son home. Hope lives on.


  1. so all the clothes!!!

  2. I love all of the clothes and stuff!!!

    Good luck with the agency stuff! And I mean that in a very unsarcastic way!

  3. Dont get me started on the agency. LOL I LOVE your clothes for baby boy. He is going to be so cute. That swing is to die for. I never had anything so luxurious for my kids. WOW!!


  4. You go girl! Grab em by the balls/boobs and lead them in the way they need to go.


  5. Awww, very cute clothes!

    Keep your chin up! It's so hard not to get bogged down by all the legalities. God is a big God; He'll see you all through this.

  6. It's amazing to have a husband on your side...cheering you on...and also telling you to stop the bus when he can see that you are going to get hurt...lots of fun when they are cheering, don't you think?

    A few more weeks...just imagine! xx

  7. So glad you liked them! I'll be sending baby some more stuff soon!
    And yes, I totally agree with Ben, God help the poor, poor person who tries to stand in the way of you and your son!
    Lots of Love,

  8. Rebekah,

    Awesome finds, as usual...I need to know where that mega store is!! I also love the baby spa, what a sweet reminder that your little man is on the way!

    I continue to think about you, Ben, and baby boy all the time. I was joking to my husband (and to BB) that I can no longer get any work done because you guys are occupying all my time!

    I'm glad to hear things are going a little better with sorting out the agency fiasco. I hope you continue to feel in control and get the kinds of answers you want.



  9. cute clothes and MAN why don't they make swings like that in our size?

  10. I LOVE your determination...You go girl!!!

  11. thank goodness the joy in your heart is guarded by God and not dependent on all these other people.

    fight for your little boy and for fair treatment. There is no reason to just roll over and die just because they think they can treat you how ever they want.

    I pity anyone who even looks at your little boy the wrong way on the play ground! :)

    Your gonna make a great mama.

  12. Those clothes are SO cute!

    I'm glad that you're not letting that agency and attorney walk over you. Best of luck with resolving all of that stuff.

  13. Glad you are sticking up for yourself. Love the clothes! Boys are so much fun and I like not worrying about the frilly stuff!

  14. me you snail mail address and you never know....the easter bunny could send you some of Samuel's hand-me-downs. Hmmm...hint hint...

  15. Awesome finds!!!!! :) And it's SO difficult to find boy clothes that are "cool"! :)Where are the rest of those mega stores??
    okay....Rebekah, i hope you hear from someone very soon regarding hashing all of this legal stuff out. I'm sure your heart with breathe so much easier when all of that is settled. I'm praying for you!!
    Hang in there!!

  16. Ahh, the rain forest spa. Baby C will have to have a turn when we visit :). And, yes, he will be matching your sweet little guy, as I scored many of those same items last week for the RIDICULOUS prices you did! I can't believe you've never been there! It rocks my world. Love you!

  17. oh so cute!

    keep us posted on the agency news...we are praying.

  18. Thinking of you always... Love everything! And, Dori, what a sweet gesture... You're in my prayers. :o)

    - Maru

  19. great finds! I can't wait to start shopping for baby!

    did you check out the google adsense? In just a few days, I have earned $16! Every dollar counts, that's for sure!

    Talk to you soon!

    Kellie Richards

  20. ahh so cute...I love all the fun! I hope you get everything worked out with the frustrating...

    Ben is right everything is going to work out, nothing will stand in your way!!!


  21. I cannot believe that a wonderful woman has identified yall as the adoptive parents to her beautiful boy - it seems so simple and perfect and just meant to be...all of that said and I can't believe that all of you are being forced to jump through hoops and play games with the adoption "professionals". HOW FRUSTRATING. Hang in there!

    All of those clothes are CUTE CUTE CUTE.

  22. Awwww... cute stuff! Baby stuff is just so special. How looking at a bouncy chair sitting in a corner can warm my heart, I will never be able to understand or explain. I am glad you guys are keeping heart above the stress and drama of your situation. Keep your mind pure and heart clear and God will do the rest, right?

  23. Samuel has sent along a nice little surprise. It is on it's way....let me know when you get it....God Bless

  24. Your baby boy is going to be the best dressed kid on the block!

    God will see you through this. He is watching over you and Rebekah every day...He will work it all out!

  25. So glad you got some "retail therapy" in! What cute clothes!!

    Yup- Ben's got that right- the person that trys to stand between you and your son will be sorry!!!!

    So glad that Dori's gift arrived on just the right day!! God is good all the time God is good!!



  26. You go girl! You tell them who holds the cards. I am sorry this is such a rough ride, my friend. Once you hold that little boy.... well you know. That is why you are so involved. The clothes are so cute! We just put our "baby spa" up today! The cushion is still drying so we haven't tried it out yet!

  27. The Graco Sweetpeace is awesome...glad you were able to get your hands on it! And go you for standing up to the agencies and lawyers.