Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 99

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, this week. Now that we’re playing the waiting game, there’s not much else to do. I am super busy with school work and miscellaneous projects I have going on, but baby is never far from my mind. In the last few weeks our adoption path has really begun to sink in and with each passing day I get more and more excited. It’s not like looking in your closet after a fun shopping spree excitement…or even receiving an “A” on a 20 page research paper that took weeks of compiling, kind of excitement. No, this is like a colossal-size excitement that shakes the core of who I am and fills me with purpose and knowing. I feel privileged to be a part of something so huge—so beyond myself. Something that, if not by circumstance, I may not have given thought to.

Ben was writing to a long-time friend who also happens to be pursuing adoption, and forwarded me the correspondence. His words really pierced my heart as I thought about the magnitude of what we’re about to do. He wrote: “…our hearts tell us to adopt ALL the children. We truly wish that none would suffer or live life less fortunate. It's such a heavy thing to think about. You can't help them all. But you can help one. Or two. Or three....There seems to be plenty of people willing to wait 2 years on a list to get a packaged little white baby that looks just like them (which is fine), but meanwhile there are so many stories like the one you're in. If everyone who had their own kids, would take just one more… then we could really make a serious dent.”

There ARE so many stories…so many children. Whether born or unborn, there are thousands of children in need of loving, stable, Christ-centered homes. I feel honored…chosen…for such a precious task. We are being handed the opportunity to breath life over a child. How incredible! How inspiring and life changing. Ben’s right. We can’t possibly help them all…but we can certainly change the path for one…or two…or three.

For us, it was imperative that our first adoption come through a newborn. Our skills are too new, our emotions too raw to do otherwise. We’ve slowly opened the idea of adopting through foster case for growing our family further, in the years to come. The following story gripped my heart to assurance, as I read this introduction at the bookstore, over the weekend:

The dark spots on her legs told a story of abuse. The pattern of
discoloration on her skin confirmed she
had been burned with a
cigarette lighter. Reports say she passed out from the pain. She
was dumped in a ditch, left to die.
She was three years old. Her name is Terri.
She’s my daughter.
To some people, Terri and others like her are co
nsidered bro-
ken. They were abandoned, abused, and traumatized at an early
age. When they’re older, they suffer from all kinds of behavior
problems. Most people see them as throwaways. Nobody wants
to adopt problem kids like these.
Nobody, that is, except people like us.
This is our story—the story of how God inspired
Trot, Texas, to take on 72 of the toughest kids from the foster-care
system and adopt them as their own. It’s also the story of how
God has used our little community of three hundred folks to
spark the conscience of a nation.

Small Town, Big Miracle
Copyright © 2007 by W. C. Martin

Google the book or town for more information. It’s worth the read.

I am excited for motherhood and all that comes with. I am excited we are walking the path less chosen and that we are part of the solution and no longer ignoring the problem. I am excited for the voice God has passioned in me to bring change. I am excited that we get to shake heaven and earth to make a difference in th
e life of one…someday two…and maybe three…

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’” —MATTHEW25:40 (NKJV)


  1. Well there's nothing much I can say to this...yet again you have written many of my own thoughts and feelings so much more beautifully than anyone else could. You are an amazing person, Rebekah...and I'm so glad to have found you here in this little virtual world we've created. You and Ben will be great parents someday soon!!


  2. it is very humbling to have GOD pick you to take care of a child, whether it is your own biologically or not. I thank God every day that HE laid on our hearts to expand out family thru foster care and I am SO excited to see what HE does!!!

    i do wish more people would do it too...but I am so glad we got picked :)

  3. WOW...Rebekah!!! I will have to google that book!!! It is sad that we can not help every child, but we can do our best to help the ones God gives us. Jason and I want so bad to save all the children in the world,but we know that is not possible for one family to do. One of my favorite statements...There's more than one way to build a loving family...Adopt!!!!! That is so true. We are so happy to be going through the WAIT process with you and Ben! I am not the most patient person in the it can be hard for me to WAIT!!!! =) Everything in GOD's time!!!

    "Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!" Luke 1:45 (NIV)

    Hope you have a great night!!!

  4. So excited for this little baby Pinchback-to-be and all the beautiful children to come after him/her. What a blessed, loving family you are and shall be. Love you.

  5. Sooooo beautiful!

    Hattie came to us as a foster child. And, truly, who knew that there could be such long lasting effects to a 9month old girl. There were some issues physically, but the neglect caused some other issues tat we are still - and probably will for a looooonnnggg time to come - dealing with.

    I LOVE this girl to pieces and would not change a thing about who she is. But I have to tell ya, I would give anything in the world to be able to have a conversation with my four year old girl. Her language and cognative ability is coming along, but there is a long road in front of us.

    I am in NO way trying to discourage you - as hard as it is some days, seeing the progress come in huge leaps on others is an amazing experience that I would trade for NOTHING in the world! So vvery rewarding!

    You guys are gonna be such great parents - I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!!!

    Becky Jo

  6. Wow, Ben's words made me cry and now all of my eye makeup is running down my face! You guys seems like such beautiful people and any child that ends up with you are parents will be blessed for a lifetime.

  7. I am praying for you...foster care however didn't work for us...see my post

    You will be great parents one God...

  8. Wow! I will be reading that book as I also would like to adopt from the foster care system when my girls are a little older. My hubby isn't sold on the idea yet, but I am still praying.

    We chose to adopt a newborn first for the same reasons although I was ready to take any child they offered, my husband really want to start off small.

    Hang in there!

  9. The sad thing is, many people out there that wouldn't, couldn't or shouldn't adopt any child, a child of another race, and/or a child with special needs. The important thing, I think, is that people are aware of their own limitations (both in birth and adoption!), and don't get involved in something they cannot handle.

  10. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I see you read some of the same blogs I do. I know 4 days in a week IRL - we adopted our girls at the same time; Jessica adopted a few months after us and we found Bri online as well - it's a small world! Hang in there on your journey - you are right, God knows "your child" and he/she will come at exactly the right moment.

  11. You will make the most fantastic mother! I'm so blessed to be part of the journey and cannot wait to see your excitement and joy as you get to meet your little one.

    **BIG HUGS**

  12. I just found your blog tonight and enjoyed browsing through it. Your nursery is adorable! I remember when my nursery was empty and waiting, I would go in there at night and rock and pray and hope and dream of the little ones that would one day fill my arms.

    And when we had babies come and stay a short while, I wondered if the room would ever feel lived in.

    When my son came home as a toddler, I rocked him that first night and cried- I cried for all he had been through in his first 16 months of life and I cried for me and my broken heart, longing for a child to call my own.

    The nursery is gone now and my little ones are past the rocking stage, but what sweet memories I have of the healing God brought me through in that little nursery.

    Best wishes for you as you wait...